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Spray, current, guns and self-defense: foreign women security depends on what? - - - - - - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
By strangers, a single woman in domestic hotel news, forcibly dragged caused high attention, netizens are hot, how can women cope better with attack harassment, maintain its own security. Have enthusiasts Suggestions to let the onlookers to rescue them, the victims can give hit hotel glass or fall passers-by phone, really is their very much. Small make up today for you tally up foreign female men respond to attacks and harassment of 'means' very much. When it comes to foreign sexual harassment and abuse, India's frequent rape and earlier is unavoidable heavy topic. Data shows, the Indian average every 3 minutes after a violent crime against women, every 22 minutes in rape. The capital new Delhi with high ratings were dubbed of 'rape' shame. India's domestic female and female nonlocal tourist became the biggest victim of the sexual assault case, their inner for much of India is strongly feel 'very unsafe'. After a while traveling alone in South Korea South Korea female students, by the hotel owner son 'date rape', after regaining consciousness in the middle of the anger put suspect out of the room; And a British female tourist in India because of concerns about rape by the hotel manager, had jumped from 3 floor window. Female foreign tourist in India and harassment, can choose never comes back to you. But India's domestic women, can only choose silently endure or fight. In order to punish the rapist, in northern India women set up a named 'red tour' folk women's team, for the women fight for justice. This group of wearing a red tunic, wearing a black scarf young women will patrol in the street, looking for conspiring against women of man, the young men are around to give way to them, and even can't look straight into the eyes of the them. 'Red tour' has helped a victim girl search, the whereabouts of sexual harassment man took him to a girl before let him apologize, and let the girl before opening the beaten man, until beat him to kneel before you especially after a police station. The group also does not forget the video and the video posted online. A American netizens after watching the video, call 'well done'. Although women in India is being harassed can find organization, but many people still want improve the self-defense ability, avoid misfortune on themselves. The malignant earlier from India, Indian women has increased the demand for self-defense course, there are even female students in parents and the teacher's encouragement, learn in the school the budo, hope I can come in handy as a cucumber in an emergency. At the same time, such as pepper spray self-defense equipment sales in India also increased. New Delhi municipal government also especially cancelled a pepper spray VAT, to reduce the price, encouraging women to buy. The Indian military researchers also want to take advantage of the world's hottest chilli developed is suitable for the modern female self-defense weapons. Fortunately, the Indian factory has developed a women's self-defense pistol, named after earlier victim nickname. This kind of titanium alloy shell revolver diameter around 8. 1 mm, can carry a purse or handbag, the price of about $2000. In addition, India's three female students also invented a super 'coyotes underwear', can launch in women have been sexually assaulted to gangster high voltage current, at the same time inform the parents and the police. What's interesting is that the United States have a home combine self-defense pistol and underwear, underwear company launched a bra with a gun bag, can let a female gun in 2 seconds to pull out from the bra and shooting, and the price is not expensive, a pair of $40, the other half for many male customers for self-defense. Underwear of self-defense pistol and the Wolf, however, may not be easy to spread in India. To women in India have a right-wing party in mumbai has sent 21000 pieces of cutting tool, to help their self-defense. Compared to women in India spray and slapped harasser, European and American women in the attack or sexual harassment more violent reaction, electric batons, laid hands on him and more malicious. Australia before a woman karate champion, when you go home at night attacks by gunmen, wearing headphones didn't notice someone because it is over, she directly down by criminals. After the gunman no weapons have been found, the woman quickly back, play each other in the ribs with the knee, and try my best to hit his face. Will karate afterwards she said, 'I guess I interrupted his BiLiangGu'. The gunman was interrupted BiLiangGu can at least be defeated and flee, a British woman drinking all night drunk unexpectedly the head, with high heels kicked boyfriend will play each other to death. She was called the police claimed that he has been violated, kicking entirely for self-defense. High heels, heading's counterattack weapon? Also some harassed foreign female man, with can let the criminals were dead. A few years ago, a 23-year-old British 'expose crazy guy' drunk drunk take off pants to a bunch of girls, even to touch one of the Greek women. The woman of anger spilled wine to his 'private parts', and lit up a cigarette lighter. Can imagine as a result, small 'private parts' second-degree burns, nor dare again to sexual harassment of women from then on, the girl is also because this behavior won the cheers and applause, the bystander was touted as a 'national hero'. In a word, how to maintain their own rights and interests of women, against harassment and abuse, is still a long way to go. Both learn some self-defense prevention, and the attack nowadays hand back, are like India 'red tour', 'face harassment, women have no choice, have to stand and self-defense, and let the harasser know the feeling of being harassed. ” ( Coordinating editor: tain burson-marsteller, Chang Hong)
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