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ST Dupont peng golden horse pentium limited series lighters

by:Tianwang     2020-07-19

since ancient times, 'horse' in Chinese culture is a symbol of strong character, lean, and not pull out of the image. Legends of the zodiac is a horse, naturally has advantaged advantage, but not natural, has the charm more. For the upcoming year of the horse, S. T. Dupont( Peng) Special introduction to Chinese zodiac horse designs for the theme of 'golden horse pentium series of set limit to', lighters and sum.
embellished with gold golden horse pentium outline around the S. T. Dupont Dupont Dupont lighters lighters, and use the precious black Chinese lacquer painting, full of elegant and composed of tone. The use of the pen body that coincide with the lighter gold refined gold horse around and black paint bottom of China, and on behalf of S in the pen cap. T. Dupont D character design. Golden horse pentium limited series launched classic Ligne lighters and the combination of the steel ball pen, pen, global group limited, to collect good luck, have implications, very suitable for collection.
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