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by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Stalls selling batons, police in fuzhou in where? Sichuan online ( 2010 - 7 - 23 6:22:33) Source: sichuan tianfu online reviews three young junior middle school graduate, because Internet spending big, he in the booth to buy electric batons, three in four days robbery. The day before yesterday, fuzhou new the policemen will the three men captured in fuqing. Three people confessed, they commit crime with batons and electric shock stick, is bought in booth in fuzhou. After a 150000 v electric batons, bargaining, only 85 yuan can clinch a deal. ( On July 22, see the straits metropolis daily) Batons and electric shock stick, there is no doubt a legitimate user is the police, but this kind of boundaries in fuzhou were disrupted, as long as you have money, I can get the booth, see here, I just can't help but started to shiver, and fortunately, did not go to fuzhou on a business trip or travel, or be hit the gratuitous, also I don't know what things made. Here, I never deliberately denigrate fuzhou, because for some suspects, even without police items, so can dominate, harm society. But once the batons literally can be bought, such as the harm to society is far greater than any other weapon. Just think, if some people easily got batons, deserve to go up again a fake police uniform, not only hurt innocent people, mostly I'm afraid or damage the positive image of the police, because who can make clear who is the true police, who is false police? Batons, literally on the street buying and selling, merchandise production and management has many loopholes, a loss of supervision and restriction of the market to regulate it is almost impossible. Let me think impassability, production process out of control, why can also appear similar problems on sales link, if the authorities to commodity markets, Including vendor) To strengthen the inspection and management, such strange things will happen? Besides, some vendors, is also a cynical and sells batons to children, is on the edge of the connivance to encourage children to crime, the wicked actually earn money don't blush at all. A 150000 v electric batons, enough to stun, and cheap to buy and sell, its destined to a wide range of loss to the folk. Although caught three children, how many children are still used at large in the method, I'm afraid nobody said clearly, and it is the most terrible. As the police, not only practical, a catch it, must be able to will produce batons manufacturer into a distraction, such as on all of business and focus on place from the bottom of the sewers again, cut off the interests of illegal trade franchise police goods chain, social security will be a fundamental improvement in, and this is just what people eagerly look forward to. ( The author is sichuan online guest Internet commentator) Author: Li Zhongqing editor: senfe next article: 'rob the lending when miss' this is a how of life coordinates into BBS tianfu comments copyright statement related news: elder brother, he is not the tires, are lonely pleasure ( 2010 - 7 - 21 8:06:34) Second, the businessman 'and a woman marry' : it's 'delicious'? ( 2010 - 7 - 20 13:50:17) Ask, 'where is happiness' super geographical meaning ( 2010 - 7 - 20 9:57:50) , modified the price of the motorcycle racing clan can't be a nuisance in shock ( 2010 - 7 - 17 17:20:49) Turn on the light, prevent thieves - — SHH, electric batons, don't shout! ( 2010 - 7 - 15 7:38:25) Unlicensed unlicensed, vehicles should be destroyed? ( 2010 - 7 - 10 7:53:06)
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