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Steel mills roast filepacker ( Ladle baking equipment) The necessity of installing flame-out protection alarm control box

by:Tianwang     2020-06-25
Flame-out protection alarm control box is a kind of when baking filepacker ( Ladle baking equipment) A gas fire accident dies quickly cut off the gas supply device. In steelmaking process, standby ladle with blast furnace gas flame burn to more than 1200 degrees, burning ladle of large-diameter gas may be accidentally put out the flame, the resulting gas leakage, poisoning and explosion danger. At this time in order to ensure safety, must add flame-out protection alarm device, so as not to cause dangerous. XLGNBH - 102 flame-out protection alarm control box is according to the petrochemical, metallurgical, chemical, ceramics and other industries, specialized design, the development of a flame monitoring alarm system. Equipped with flame monitor, the product has a simple, reliable, convenient in operation and maintenance etc, suitable for all kinds of fuel gas, fuel oil burner, roast filepacker flame monitoring and flameout alarm. Function description: control box is equipped with XLZJ - 102 ultraviolet flame detector, circuit breaker, intermediate relay, time relay, button, indicator light control components, etc. In the box XLZJ - 102 ultraviolet flame detector using our high performance products, electrical components adopt domestic famous brands, to ensure that equipment operation is reliable. Chain protection system has stalled, in unexpected flameout, when the system can timely closed gas solenoid valve, to ensure the safety of system, and fire, stall signals can be in the form of on-off upload first machine, easy to monitor operators. This control system operation is simple, safe and reliable.
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