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Steer you by electric shock bracelets is help artifact - creativity network - old driver Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
Did the driver knows that while driving is sitting there but it is also a very demanding work, long time sitting easily fatigue, one not careful will doze off caused great potential safety hazard. According to incomplete statistics, each year in the United States has more than thirty thousand people lost their lives because of the traffic accidents caused by fatigue driving, fatigue driving and drunk driving for two big traffic killers. This artifact can keep sober let old driver fatigue, hand ring, just put on the shock it can use simple and rough way allows the rider to stay awake & ndash; Electricity, you drink red bull more effectively than coffee. Steer is born in order to solve the fatigue driving, bracelet with electric shock function, 16 high sensitivity sensor mounted inside can accurately detect the wearer's heart rate and skin conductivity data, these data to determine whether the wearer is in a state of fatigue, and can according to the level of fatigue decided by noise, vibration or shock directly to keep you awake. Put on after a few seconds to detect data, good condition will emit light green. If you have any abnormal sensor to detect the heart rate data is automatically determine the wearer has entered into a state of fatigue, yellow alert or vibrations. After the warning if the state doesn't improve, the heart rate and skin conductivity data also continue to fall, electric batons, that embarrassed, direct shock you! Of course, you don't have to worry about your corona, electric voltage is under the scope of the safety of the human body. Steer use usb charging, charged about 1 hour, after full charge can be continuous use half a month. Often drive old drivers might as well start with a doze off, sometimes may be a lifeline at moments of crisis. The bracelet on indiegogo is available. After the video to watch, please pay attention to the public, reply & other; Electric shock bracelet & throughout; To watch.
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