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Structure configuration instructions - electric batons Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
If possible, please try to find a with human body engineering design of electric batons. This means that it should have outline similar finger holds and antiskid rubber wrap as described above. It should also be fully fit your hand; Don't be too long, not too short, light in weight. In general, it need to be comfortable and easy to operate. In short, simply choose strong electric batons can hold in your hand, and have some kind of security mechanism. Battery is the source of the life of the electric batons. They is it provides the attacker is about to attack the cause of the electricity needed to power. Generate electricity depends on two factors: what type of battery, it is and how to charge. Now, most electric batons have built-in rechargeable battery, but still have a lot of no. Both have their reasons, although it is more a question of personal preference, but we strongly recommend that you buy with the built-in battery of modern electric batons. The overall management easier. Do you know what happened today in history? Must constantly buy batteries is very time-consuming and expensive, very fast. When you begin to explore high-end electric batons, more choice involving battery begins to open for you. You will begin to notice that many high-end models have accept external battery, these external battery must be replaced when run out. Because not everyone for a variety of reasons, like the built-in battery, so this is a good choice. Using a replaceable battery, you can reduce the limitations of the power supply options, and maybe you can find the performance is better than the built-in battery of the battery. Built-in battery is more easy to govern, but if a fault occurs, it can't really easily replaced, and removable battery, so you can free to use any battery that oneself like, but will be very troublesome. Voltage in any given case, the voltage on the efficiency of equipment, equipment plays a vital role. You don't want anything completely ineffective, but also do not need anything too big. In other words, the greater the voltage means greater impact power. More powerful means better personal defense. In the 15 - Any voltage should be within the scope of 30 million volts is good for you. NG, if you want to use what can make the attacker more contact, please catch with debris probes instead of traditional metal plate electric batons. When you need to contact with a two layers of clothes, this is a very useful electric batons. If are you sure you don't really need sharp spines point, you can always along the traditional route to buy, but changed to use electric stick with a metal plate. Quick tip: if you live in a cold climate, please buy electric batons, with sharp spines instead of metal plate. The reason is in a cold climate, people are likely to wear layers of clothes to keep warm. Yes, even your attacker. The point of these spikes will ensure that you even wearing a thick coat can get in touch with you. If you live in a warm climate, then any kind of style should be right for you. The last idea in this article, we reviewed the best on the market at present the first five electric batons. To this end, we search the Internet to read other users to use the experience of these electric batons. In order to make things more interesting, we even combines some of the experience, in order to provide a better price. Each of these electric batons are out of one or another reason for the list. They all have their own advantages and disadvantages, but in the end, we have a handle on the list crown electric batons worth. The best choice of our best electric batons are Vipertek VTS - 989. This electric stick under the voltage of 38 million v has a huge impact, however, we are most like where it is on the side of damping plates, as well as its double spike fork. Do you have in the list to see the most favorite electric batons? Leave a message to us, let us know! We always eager and excited to try new equipment.
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