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Students learning self-defense to protect themselves from self-defense - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-18
The woman in changsha city of hunan province public security bureau police brigade & other; Big visit & throughout; Series of activities with their own work closely together, they according to the characteristics of the pupils lack of safety knowledge, using students winter vacation in the brigade of free & other; Pioneer small cop & throughout; Training course, the first batch of students 55. It is understood that this activity will carry on for a long time. The brigade has repeatedly visited qing dynasty elementary school, in the university under the strong support and actively cooperate with to & other; Winter vacation training & throughout; As the theme of the field investigation and research activities. Through the survey found pupil transportation, prevent, legal knowledge is relatively weak, some students and poor students staying for family reasons can't charge for winter vacation activities phenomenon exists generally, brigade immediately decided to & other; Rich winter vacation life, care for left-behind poor students & throughout; The theme of the work. At the same time, the study participants shall be free of training, and do it & other; The three leading & throughout; , i. e. , to provide first-class training environment, achieve first-class teaching quality, to ensure first-class management services. The brigade project meeting for many times, combined with the research situation and research, determine the squadron as unit, the ways to carry out the responsibility of the contracted by installments. At the same time, through the initiative to solicit opinions from the school, elaborate detail process, will be three to four grade students as the training objects, especially to the poor students and left-behind tilt, ensure project focused. The team will report to reception work, contact the school, such as account to collect quantitative to individuals, clarify the duty requirement and emphasizes the responsibility consciousness, strict quality management to acceptance. After a week of preparation, the preliminary work has been in place. Since January 12 class, changsha women's special police brigade to cultivate a good habit, strengthen disciplinary consciousness, improve the ability of security as the goal, carefully selected row of the queue, traffic safety knowledge training, to guard against campus violence, music, sports, such as curriculum, selecting, expressive, discipline strong affinity, be the military instructor, the teaching experience of police, considering the characteristics of elementary school students active take indoor, foreign minister combination of teaching, and make perfect student management rules as the standard of performance appraisal, to ensure that activities implementation effectively. For students to understand ability is limited, the original content, it is very difficult to accept, the group will queue as easy to understand the main points of formula, convenient students to recite the master; By police incarnation as a cartoon character, content into the students familiar with the scene and made computer courseware, the traffic safety knowledge as well as preventing school violence, adopt the way of playing courseware with the instructors on, help students to understand the learning content; Moment in the teaching, pay attention to the interaction between students, through the way of right prize distribution of small gifts, fully arouse the enthusiasm of learning, and will be fun throughout the class. According to the regulations of student management, the content of the strict attendance and please terminate his/her leave system, through the implementation of specific scoring rules, according to the basic points will conduct test results combined with daily performance assess. For class performance and test scores points rewards to outstanding students, to be late for class, undisciplined, asking students penalised by the regulation, and cancel the recommendation PingXian qualifications, formed in the course of students a good atmosphere of try to overtake each other, effectively stimulate the learning enthusiasm. In order to ensure the learning result, instructor in class for each queue action requires uniform, each knowledge point repeatedly stressed that every irregularities criticism education, ensuring the effective classroom discipline and learning effect; In order to promote communication, instructors and students actively at recess fitting in as a jump rope together playing games, which enhance the feelings to each other, and form a good interaction; At the same time, the group through life detail reflects concern: warm boiled water for each student, has given special care to the sick students, for students birthday send to sincere blessings, every little thing, every detail warm the hearts of students. Especially for the first day of school most students have no parents pick up the situation, group negotiate with the school immediately and repeatedly stressed that require parents shuttle safety to all students, and parents will transport students and parents for pick-up students are combined, make sure every student can safely home. This activity is a woman of changsha police brigade from set out actually, highlight policewomen work characteristic, thorough development & other; Big visit & throughout; One of the series of activities of successful efforts. The brigade will be student learning gains as the goal, for this activity on previous research as the foundation, innovation in the process of implementation of trial and error, refining the practical experience, through comment feedback flexible adjustment implementation plan, gradually perfect the management system, form the effect mechanism of specification. The great monarchs alone were deter-mined, with students as the harmonious relationship between the strong point, give full play to the policewoman strong affinity, the relationship between the good, to build experience, the characteristics of ground in a year, two years to raise quality, three years working train of thought, to raise the activity as build between the mass of important measures, continue to carry on in-depth. 3 it is to effectively improve the image of the policewoman. Brigade self-built team for five years, has been successfully set up excellent, civilization and etiquette policewoman image, become benchmarking changsha public security image. Units will this activity as major initiatives to improve the quality of policewomen image, through & other; Go out, please come in & throughout; Way, fully shows the policewoman populist, aimin, benefiting the people good image, in-depth development of brigade & other; Big visit & throughout; The series of activities to lay a good foundation.
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