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Stun guns how to maintain better - electric batons Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
To stun guns self-defense charging electric batons and about seven hours filling, or the battery will not durable, burst is likely to happen. Best stun guns when placed in dry ventilated place, storing more than one month shall timely charging, charging after using the lighting, this will prevent light bulb go bad. Stun guns if stored for a long time not to use, it will power is lost. After power loss, stun gun attack effect will be weakened, so it won't grow when using the maximum effect. So, we must pay attention to the maintenance of the stun guns. Part of stun guns have integrated block and rechargeable nimh batteries, metal shock head is in the front of the product, there is safety switch behind, as long as holding the electric shock switch would be a strong shock, so criminals will lose the ability of resistance moment. So, we should pay attention to the storage of stun guns, usually don't make it sharp, also do not put in high temperature environment, otherwise, stun gun battery will lose the ability of battery. In addition, be careful not to use the stun guns on metal electric shocks. Recharge stun guns, usually pay attention to in order to use special configuration of the defibrillator or is the charger plug. Across the electrodes of the charger can't opposite, rushed through five minutes, electricity, do not have to use the stun guns, or it will reduce its life. As everybody knows, stun guns self-defense electric batons as a self-defense tool, is now being used more and more widely. Now the crime rate in society is higher and higher, personal safety, especially the personal safety of the female got extensive attention. Female friends in order to protect their own safety, we must master some common sense about self-defense products. Here, we mainly give you summary about the maintenance method of stun guns.
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