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Stun guns who supplement to control network studio - dare to sell anything Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
Drawing/Li Xiaojun survey motivation this several days, the network studio sell 'rotorcraft' message, let people to live webcast non-standard has a new understanding. In 'every man when the host' and 'everything can live' network studio and what unexpected things on sale? Network studio is selling goods in accordance with the relevant provisions of the? Around these problems, the legal daily reporter carried on the thorough investigation. Live webcast is let a person a love-hate relationship a new things. For many young people, live online has become the most convenient channel; relying on Internet startup For the social and public interests, live online seems to be another trouble 'machine' - — Now, live webcast also boarded the electricity this bus, network studio became 'department store'. In recent days, 'live online electricity' the news of the most popular to some surprise - — 'Quickly' platform of some users via live, filming a short video, promotion of self-made small manned aircraft 'rotorcraft. It is understood that these aircraft manufacturers, all from manual mill without any production and shipping business licenses. In addition, the user after purchase to self-assembly. Release the information of 'quickly' user name 'flying general' solution just, his rotor machine factory is located in shandong Texas. Its factories sold in rotorcraft quotation is divided into 130000 yuan and 350000 yuan, he runs gyroplane has 7 years, customers throughout all parts of the country. Reporters login 'quickly' platform, search 'flying general' username, pop-up a dozen similar user name, with four or five user's signature is 'shut down video, over time update'. Before the 'flying general' upload the related video now delete all aircraft. Live webcast on sale 'rotorcraft' this is overwhelming, but the legal daily reporter survey found that broadcast through the network marketing all kinds of goods is 'odd', not surprisingly, some obvious touch law red line. Openly sell stun guns in a room with a pile of several big carton, 1 man left hand holding a black stun guns posed as a man shooting. The electric shock to publish or perish body is shorter, after holding a gun, leaned out of the barrel is about 10 centimeters. The man raised his right hand, and then try to put a play about 3 cm long, black shock on the spear. After the installation is complete, the man with his hands holding a gun, is to the front. At this time, a voice ring out: 'to play high. 'This is a late June 14, the legal daily reporter saw in a live platform studio - — Network anchor is called 'rambo farther' live demo taser stun guns, the effect of the live broadcast of a total of 533 people watching. Journalists continue to monitor the network anchor presentation, found that the anchor holding the gun at a red light flashing, accompanied by a similar to the sound of sirens, meanwhile the thumb will be a button on the barrel and listen to 'bang' a loud noise, and with a hint of smoke rises, shooting finished. Reporter noticed that in the shooting at the same time, have a net friend send barrage ask network anchor 'how much' 'how much'. After the network the host see fans ask answer: 'like click attention, want to see more show WeChat, WeChat ID in personal signature. 'Reporter found on the live page, the web host's signature is:' follow me to watch all kinds of electric batons bar crossbows tear gun show, etc. , please add WeChat XXX '. According to clew, the reporter search and add the WeChat ID, and ask the price of the above stun guns, the anchor tells a reporter, a set of $680. The anchor is introduced, the pulse voltage is greater than 800000 v stun guns, firing distance is more than 7 meters, but within 5 meters, the best host weight about 190 g, have other accessories host play three cases, chargers for and shock. Can be separated by the thickness of two or three pieces of clothes, 2 to 3 cm) Use. The reporter asked: 'how do you deal? 'The name of the host replied:' directly by WeChat payment, express delivery. 'Reporter then ask:' WeChat a lump sum payment? Paid not to deliver goods? 'The name of the host replied,' well for several years, never cheat anybody, I WeChat ID has several, agent for hundreds of people, how can you cheat you? 'Live on this platform, the legal daily reporter also found four or five users upload sales knives, electric shock stick banned items such as video, at the same time in the video description' please add WeChat 'for details. These sales banned items have different video of the old and new, has released a couple of months ago, there are one or two years ago that uploaded to the live platform. Reporter according to leave contact information in the video, add the seat of a display of hebei baoding, user called liu chao. When reporters want to buy a machete, liu chao told reporters that he had quit now, but he said free will help to look for someone else, there are a lot of people sell this, and credibility must be reliable. Reporter asked how much money a machete, liu chao said don't know, he was taking goods through local friends, now basic not contacted, six months ago he bought a pair of air gun, spent 1400 yuan. When the reporter can help make a also, he said first ask, then said he had to go to work, chat ended. Sell all kinds of 'health food'
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