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Subdued and security of unified comprehensive analyze the crack gun - effectively Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
Accident under the new crown outbreak of abuse of this year, we found that the local public security police for personal protection at the same time also more than a handful of guns crack is famous for its security, and so on to contact the relevant person in charge of shenzhen excellence feiyang technology co. , LTD. , after we got more detailed and reliable information, through these data we make a comprehensive analysis of crack gun. Real experience and feeling, to give each a line of police confidence, peace of mind. Completely conform to the academy of military sciences and the Ministry of Public Security of key laboratory of expert commentary and recognition, is a really serves a line of police. Real experience, the true feelings. By the Ministry of Public Security and military academy of sciences expert to crack the interpretation of the gun, with crack gun again the product technical parameters, we learned that stun guns is not a simple product, we know that crack shot from the project to research and development, subdued and safe effective combination and unity is the consistent principle, through introducing the mature markets in Europe and the United States more than 20 years of application technology, and carries on the transformation and upgrade according to the Asian physique, through the application of products, we confirm that the product data is crack gun has the ability to tame and security: crack stun guns used a mature and reliable technology of T wave, the waves no indirect conductivity. Human movement wave and T wave after the collision of stun guns, human bioelectricity will short circuit, which makes perception and motor nerve stimulation, instantaneous lodging is not independent, and people of other nerves and organs are not harmed. Bionic T current is strong weak, after first electric batons, subdued and ensure safety. Crack shot pulse frequency: before 5 seconds for 19 times, after 4 seconds for 11 times, in the work output current: 5 seconds before 3. 7MA- 2. 8 ma, after 5 seconds to 2. 2MA- 1. 5MA。 In order to implement the Ministry of Public Security to further strengthen and improve police work opinion, during the outbreak, the country public security actually embarks from the police law enforcement the truth, in the case of material guarantee outbreak in place, as for a line of police assault have subdued moment capacity and life safety the crack of a gun. As the forefront of reform and opening up, the southern provinces leadership thoughts and management is slightly better, crack gun equipment as a group, each user in mind that the use of detailed specifications, to ensure foolproof. 'People's police law' and 'the people's police regulations on the use of police instruments and weapons for the police to use force in the compulsory means such as regulation, with minimal use of force uniform suspects, to minimize casualties for the principle. Using crack gun not important to the other party of the right - — Life and health, and successfully arrested suspects, accord with the requirement of China's relevant laws and regulations, spirit. The police enforce the law, both to the uniform crime, and to ensure safety, often in the face of all kinds of unexpected threat, so urgent, is wearing uniforms is a safe effective and reliable crack X3, truly a weapon can lose three threat target resistance. And recycled to the three consecutive electric shocks, the whole process really did 'security follow, start-stop optional' put an end to their surprise, no cracks. X3 double red dot laser aiming system for electric shock to play two electric dart indicates aiming point, improve the firing accuracy. LED tactical light, can produce light beam focus lighting, within the working distance of stun guns can light the target area and the human body, such as wide, to ensure the shooting. Reality of law enforcement, meet people, or particularly stubborn suspect, a miss, but darts cannot make its line, the single stun guns must remove the empty box and then put on a new shock, especially when conflict is intense, reload again often makes the process of law enforcement personnel at risk. New crack under the condition of the X3 in full play, cope with the problem of the X3 by adopting new type pulse drive, in order to 'pulse transmitted to multi electrode discharge forming components. The shaping pulse in three shock cycles between circulation and its role as three independent crack stun guns, such a X3 to lose three target resistance at the same time.
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