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Subsequent reports: everyone 'pulse' teach 'business practices

by:Tianwang     2020-07-23

summary: recently, there have been people calling to our newspaper, want to pass his 'business' to dreams cannot let Cui Xuhui shop business, to help him through.
recently, there have been people calling to our newspaper, want to pass his 'business' to dreams cannot let Cui Xuhui shop business, to help him through. ( The story of Cui Xuhui see reported this month) Some enthusiastic peddlers even actively to Cui Xuhui shop, live to shop 'pulse'. Cui Xuhui couple said: 'I didn't expect there are so many good people care about us. '
in the eyes of peers and customers, Cui Xuhui shop have what' disease '
' doctor ': Chen Hongyan, younger shop management experience
' condition ': in the face of the larger accessories market, pick goods are
Chen Hongyan in xigong' pearl jewelry store has just opened, the guests are rare. But she is a very careful person, every customer to buy something, she would write down, sorting out the popular goods, provide reference for the next purchase. Don't sell the goods in a timely manner to find the supplier replacement, business slowly is on fire. Chen Hongyan said: 'now elderly people also like beauty, all this line also have the market in the middle-aged and old people. '
' prescription ': replenish onr's stock to prioritize when
Chen Hongyan Cui Xuhui should prioritize when replenish onr's stock, don't' beard eyebrows and he ', investigate the market first before replenish onr's stock, which sells, which is not good to sell. Such as headdress flower, can into more earrings, arts and crafts style into the cigarette lighter can be less. Sell earrings can also hit ear hole, this can increase a revenue. Another Chen Hongyan that store is very important, if it is too partial, the traffic is too little, even if the goods is complete, the style is novel, it is hard to attract the customers.
'doctor' : Chen, a worker again obtain employment, younger shop management experience
'condition' : a single goods, the customer didn't get to choose
in Chen xigong commodity markets opened a shop named 'taste life'. At first also losing money, but to endure the most difficult period, Chen as the increase in traffic, her business is getting better and better. She said: 'this do, items must be much, to let a guest have to choose, but the amount of a stock can not too much, otherwise may pressure goods. '
' prescription ': in combination with the entity shop and shop
Chen, make a mall to merchants advertising at the same time, more Cui Xuhui can do some billboards, xuan, raise public awareness of shop. Shop around when replenish onr's stock, looking for cheap wholesaler. Pay attention to the psychological customers, lower profit margins and popular with the customers of the prices of goods, with a low price to gathered popularity, accumulation of repeat business.
Chen, now online shopping to these stores sell small act the role ofing is tasted very big blow, some entities shop opened shop at the same time, this is also how Cui Xuhui can consider.
'doctor' : Liu Ruiying, shopping, shopping talent
'condition' : characteristic in outstanding
Liu Ruiying years old this year, don't worry will draw the sisters go to shop for new gadgets. Store, she says, the unique decoration and diversification of commodities is an important factor to attract young people around the store, Cui Xuhui shop no element can let people remember. Good wants to open the shop, she argues, the first thing to know the customer's psychological needs, so as to suit the remedy to the case, let customers want to buy something like 'come here to see' first.
'prescription' : it is imperative that order
Liu Ruiying Cui Xuhui can pay more attention to some shopping website, try into some online has a lot of people buy goods. But because Cui Xuhui shop is not popular, Liu Ruiying he don't set the price too high, the first priority is to order.
  【 The kids] So many people give Cui Xuhui action
open clothing store li: Cui Xuhui can try to put stall, a street vendor to earn money is more difficult than open a shop, not necessarily can touch when street vendor market.
there are a dozen jewelry chain zhao: mainly choose to do this line of business, to cater to the tastes of young people.
open media companies in our city in jiangsu province people Mr Season: I Cui Xuhui location again, get rid of goods at a low price now.
in jianxi donkey meat soup liu: if Cui Xuhui stem not bottom go to, I can be free to teach him to do the donkey meat soup.
the net friend 'brother thought following' : open a shop to choose the direction, first of all, who is your target customer? I also had this difficult!
the net friend 'gold emperor business cases' : shop decoration is also a key, store image must let a person feel want to go in and see. There is no traffic, how to further promote consumption? ( Reporter Cao Boran lury intern)
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