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Summer want to pleasant banned items can't - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-17
July summer vacation started, many citizens started holiday travel. On July 14, the reporter understands from nanning railway public security office, ShuYun period, around the train station in guangxi traffic increased, they also seized many prohibited item. According to statistics, ShuYun for two weeks, the nanning railway public security office tube station, a total of all kinds of contraband seized 33534, with a slight growth. Surprisingly, confiscate the goods, there is no lack of bullets, kerosene, mercury and other dangerous articles, and passengers with the cause of the prohibited item is multifarious. On July 8, baise station police on duty in the station passenger security checks, found suspicious passengers ms Yang in the handbag the checked baggage. The verifications, found shot in the young lady handbag. Ms Yang said the bullet is she had left her grandpa serving in the army as a memorial, forget take it out in your bag. On July 12, passenger wei station in nanning after a security check when the policeman found the backpack has shot. Wei said that the bullet is the Spring Festival in 2014, on the home of the east side of the road to pick up, then keep in the body. The liquid is also often appear the prohibited item. On July 10, Monsieur passengers from nanning east west romantic station security, carrying a bottle of kerosene was police seized. Was checked, Monsieur eloquent, 'this bottle of kerosene bubble centipede for two years, have medicinal effect, I am used to dongguan changan granddaughter'. In July 11, the passenger is Mr Huang was discovered by police station in nanning mercury 2180 grams. Mr Huang said, mercury is made miners left to his father when he was young, used for extracting gold, electric batons, he is going to keep the mercury back to the flat south. Few passengers in the train station the prohibited item, the train will often appear a very embarrassing situation, such as when the train was found to be banned items after is not willing to throw away and can't take away, only in front of the security 'eat', someone will therefore complain about security. To this, the policeman said, 'the station as a special kind of public space, it's easy to become the scene of an emergency, security is the biggest one of the effective measures to protect the safety of the public'. Police also suggests, by train, each passenger can carry up to 50 cigarette into a train, more than the number required to present issued by the relevant departments to carry identity; Carry a nail polish should not exceed 20 ml; Most ordinary lighter band 2; Moss, hair spray, air freshener compressed gas, such as life like portable quantity has decreased from 600 ml to 120 ml; It is prohibited to carry any on the safety hidden trouble of weapons, etc. Only meet the requirements of passengers, can bus station. What s a link not to take the train? In addition to the knives, it is prohibited to carry would endanger the safety of passengers personal kitchen knife, knife, slaughter knives and axes, slashing, blunt; It is prohibited to carry batons, tear, tear, defibrillator, stun guns, gun nail gun, defense, bows, crossbows, and other appliances. At the same time, it is prohibited to carry signals may interfere with the train of the strong magnetic material, has strong excitant odour of items, such as fetid odor of items, live animals ( Guide dogs except) May interfere with public health goods, can damage or pollution station, the train service facilities, equipment items. ( Reporter zhi-ying zhou interns Liu Fengping correspondent xiu-liang Yang)
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