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Taiwan media: the fourth batch of visitors to Taiwan cities have been identified, list

by:Tianwang     2020-07-15

to Taiwan to do
the original title: city of zhongshan on dongguan for
net tendril SMW reporter intern lv
the united evening news reported, visitors to Taiwan for the first batch of cities have determined that will increase in a city, such as the wave negotiations after many setbacks, the island's original city, finalized. List, according to the guangdong zhongshan list, dongguan is not loaded.
reported that the city of taiyuan, zhangzhou, wenzhou, dalian, yantai, guiyang, wuxi, nanchang, zhongshan. Unfortunately, according to the list, already has submitted a personal line to Taiwan to apply for is not one of its top, dongguan city, for this round.
tourism passengers enjoyed record over the past few years, the tourism industry forecast, and this time, this year Chinese tourists to Taiwan travel is expected to be high to between people. Airlines, hotels, restaurants, car rental industry will be the beneficiaries.
it is known that line on both sides to expand the pilot city since late last year negotiation, there is, will this year had convened the meeting consultations. The island last month, according to the report, across the Taiwan strait tourism association was formally put forward to in the list of the city, loaded city is given priority to with the provinces major cities, lock on both sides of the existing routes and destinations of lower-tier cities, choose people travel force is high, retention rate is lower in Taiwan, as a pilot line this year a new group of Chinese tourists. Report points out that the initial batch of cities have determined that the current city is being dealt with administrative operation of each and list the fastest announced this week, in the fastest time in a month.
the year started Chinese tourists to visit Taiwan since the line, so far has a batch of a city.
the first batch of Chinese tourists to visit Taiwan line list
taiyuan, zhangzhou city, wenzhou, dalian, yantai, guiyang, wuxi, nanchang, zhongshan.
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