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Taiwan part of the conductor will try watching - self-defense spray some sorrow touch method Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
The original title: Taiwan part of the conductor will try self-defense spray method to watch someone sorrow touch iron bureau pilot conductor configuration self-defense spray. ( Graph: the united daily news of Taiwan/iron bureau) Beijing, Oct. 21 (xinhua) according to Taiwan's united daily news reported, Taiwan railway police cheng-han lee on July 3, if a dispute handling ticket, electric batons, was stabbed died, iron bureau announced to take self-defense spray. Taiwan railroad bureau confirmed that the October 21, a total of 180 Taipei car class and keelung class conductor will wear self-defense spray. Conductor attacks by passengers, first cheng-han lee by events, July have a ticket man refused to check a ticket again, bitten by runaway train conductor; September also has a passenger who refused to ticket, attacked the conductor with safety helmet. Iron after internal investigation, more than half the conductor want buy self-defense spray. Taiwan railroad bureau, said on October 21 by about 180 Taipei car class and keelung class conductor first pilot, accounting for 20% of the iron all the conductor 908 people or so. Keelung car class education training last week for 3 days, Taipei car can finish education training class in early October, two car class on duty course covers almost all of Taiwan, the first pilot for two months, depending on the results to decide whether to extend the whole car class. Taiwan railroad bureau said, education training also use specification to inform the conductor. At present mining 'before going to work, before coming off work to pay back', meet the conductor when the violence is still clearance first carriage, evacuation quickly, leaving the predator is a principle; The second step is next stop, immediately request railway police and local police support, when both fail to work, self-defense spray is the last line of defense. But as we have learned, there are still considering the conductor on law enforcement, are not willing to wear self-defense spray. The conductor said, when meet an emergency, can't determine whether can use self-defense spray in time, so first adopt wait-and-see attitude. Taiwan railroad bureau says it has bought 200 group of self-defense spray, during the pilot is not mandatory, there will be such a measure is to avoid the conductor by violation during work, also can protect themselves when facing the threat of violence. But Taiwan railroad bureau said, after wearing how to use and when to use should be carefully evaluated, abuse, after all, also will cause harm to the passengers, so we need to pilot. Necessary to extend the time of pilot, not rule out to observe the usage scenarios, also respect to didn't want to wear the conductor.
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