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by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Quanzhou east branch Q: 1277763450 technology is located in the beautiful coastal city - quanzhou. Q: 1277763450 company with sales of video recording equipment, self-defense equipment quality is stable, suits, considerate service, Q: 1277763450 reputation of excellence and by the broad masses of the user's consistent high praise. Successfully combined the invites you common development go hand in hand, altogether will create happy tomorrow. Our tenet: Q: 1277763450 'people-oriented. The good faith, service 'welcome calls from insurance you can get a satisfactory answer. 。 。 。 。 Q: 1277763450 quanzhou Orient science and technology, as the national people's sincere who of all kinds of qq: 1277763450, self-defense, explosion-proof, women's self-defense, portable self-defense tools, operating room, safe, diverse styles, the company, support taobao, Q: pay 1277763450 franchised dealer, support cod, technical details with retail and wholesale: consulting. Q: 1277763450) human protective gear, electric voltage 1. 5 million v, power is great. ) color: black voltage: 1. 5 million v size: Φ 3. 8 * 30 cm, Φ 3. 8 x 40 cm function: lighting, electric shocks, high voltage pulse power, with insurance device. Attachment: charger. Suitable for security guards carry important places, Q: 1277763450 patrol. One, use method 1, in front of the users, electric batons monopoly network, with the product configuration of built-in blunt blunt electric appliances, 6 - charging time 8 hours ( Blunt electricity method: insert supporting dedicated line end in product tail jack, the other end of the insert the 220 v power supply, electric, the red light is lit. Blunt electricity, will blunt electric plug wire pull out Q: 1277763450. A principle is the principle of electric shock stick use high voltage is not high current, the internal formation is not only the causes of high voltage transformer is mainly caused many times doubler circuit voltage accumulation and discharge between the electrodes, the power of the electric shock stick is not actually, just because of the high voltage can cause instantaneous paralysis also can produce the effect of pain Q: 1277763450 ( In accordance with the high and low voltage) So can with batteries because of the high voltage will be damage the insulation of the air between the electrodes for light and sound ( Arc) Like the principle of thunder. A 1, technology parameters, the input voltage: 7. 2 VDC, the current power consumption '3 a 2, the output voltage is greater than 15 million V 3, size: Q: 50 * 1277763450272 * 35 mm note: 1, self-defense device with electric shock gangster limbs advisable, gangster lose resistance ability, is not to shock the Q: 1277763450. It is strictly prohibited to use for children. 2, self-defense please don't put wet place, not in the sun, rain, do not put in high and low temperature environment; Ban on metal objects electric shocks. 3, new self-defense device factory in discharge state, should be charged before use, with the with dedicated charger or charge since any plug wire, electric batons, Q: 1277763450 charging current can't too much; Charger can't meet the polarity; Do not use in the process of charging; Charging time about 10 hours, the Q: 1277763450 otherwise will shorten the battery life, and even cause the battery blowout, damage to the battery. For a month, should check and charge, more than a month's worth of long-term, should be put in a dry, well ventilated room, every month should charge Q: 1277763450. 4, all goods are strictly prohibited for illegal activities in this site, or accept the consequences by buyers! Box 3 packets of warranty card anti-counterfeiting mark) Q: 1277763450, 106 to improve a product profile of the enhanced high-power electronic riot that our factory developed newly type 106 electronic riot equipment has the following characteristics: 1, using high-frequency oscillation circuit, improve the output current, the dc discharge in large capacity, large output energy; Q: 12777634502, adopt super bright LED lamp, the light and the lighting time is long; Q: 12777634503, using a built-in charger is easy to carry; 4, the product appearance is unique, elegant design, is an ideal product to go out that occupy the home, self-defense self-defense. 问:1277763450 TW - Type 106 high-power electronic riot technology parameters: 1, the input voltage: 6 vdc2, current power consumption: 2 or higher. 4, and 5 a3, weight: 290 g output voltage: 12 million above, size: 270 mm long x TW - 49 mm in diameter Type 106 high-power electronic riot use Q: 1, 1277763450 users before use, with the product configuration of the built-in charger to charge, charge time 10-12 hours; 问:1277763450 ( Charging methods: will form a complete set of charging power supply cord end in tail jack, the other end of the insert the 220 v power supply, electric, red indicator can be recharged, pull out the charging plug wire. ) Q: 1277763450 2 buttons, press the black lighting, lighting can be used. When using electric shock, puts rear shock insurance switch on ( ) File, click on the button press red, can use electric shocks, lighting cannot be used when an electric shock. 2, promote lighting switch board, the lighting can be used for a long time. Q: 1277763450 open the tail control switch, again according to the electric shock red button, a strong terrible sparks between electric shock at the top of head. Q: 1277763450 hours. 24 hours, Q. Customers are welcome to qq at 9 am to 24 times for TEL: 135050047773, Q: 1277763450
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