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by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Take the bag website - male children Great power electric ones - CCC love peach novel product introduction: treasure roth MP series modular UPS uninterruptible power supply system, is designed to meet the higher requirements of power system, the high reliability of the product. The system USES the original online type structure, double transform SanJin three out of the works; All power semiconductor devices are imported integration module, greatly improve the reliability of the system. The power supply system is composed of many sets of independent power module parallel, under the condition of no master synchronization operation, realized the N + X parallel redundancy backup job, greatly improve the reliability of the whole machine system. The power supply system with the flower bag website - male children Great power electric ones - CCC peach love novels in the smallest, the highest efficiency and energy consumption than the minimum and maximum power density products, and has a very high cost performance. ( 1) Static static switch module is mainly used to quickly switch between inverter output and the bypass AC power supply, in order to improve the power supply security and reliability of the system in an all-round way, received two groups AC input, select a set of output, online work cases, static switch inverter output power module connected to the system output, if the power module in a particular period of time will not be able to provide enough voltage, static switch will switch to bypass the power supply immediately. Static switch adopts foreign advanced high-power thyristor, can achieve zero switching, and at the same time with strong shock flowers bag website - male children Great power electric ones - CCC love peach novel system monitoring, module unit to communicate, ready to send and receive work orders and all kinds of alarm information. ( 2) System monitoring and control system for monitoring in partial cabinet above, through the display, operation panel, you can easily understand the working state of the system, information query parameters and various events. After the system installation, all users on the system operation can be done through the monitor of operation panel. System monitoring data acquisition from 32 bit high on the system the digital signal processor. 210 x160 with touch LCD on display, which can support touch and keystrokes at the same time, to satisfy different operation habits, easy and flexible. Can provide RS232 and RS485 communication interface, hard point card with multiple input and output. Optional TCP/IP expansion card and GSM SMS alarm for remote network monitoring. System monitoring is divided into three regions: status indicator light area, data information display area, key operation area. Status indicator light area through the different status leds to provide customers with a simple system state information; LCD data display area through the LCD display to the user to provide detailed information on system status, system monitoring show that the system data ( 系统) , modules, data ( UPSMDULE) , historical records, 事件) , function setting, SETUP) Four operating interface. Use the multiple languages such as the Sino-British display, can switch on demand. To provide users with a friendly operation interface; All operations to achieve the graphical interface, simple and clear, the user action buttons, LCD display has a corresponding information display, the user has excellent experience. ( 3) Power module power module adopts multiple formats on-line double transformation technology, the mains for dc rectifier, filter, voltage stability after the transformation, the direct current (dc) in a category after inverter power supply circuit at the same time, through independent digital charger to charge the battery pack and intelligent management, electric batons, inverter circuit for a high efficiency after the third order of sine wave modulation circuit, the dc inverter for ac again again, provide load voltage, frequency stabilization, continuous and reliable power supply. The ac input for three-phase mains, dc output for + 240 v ( Section 32 ~ 44 section can be set) As the special battery charging, flowers bag website - male children Great power electric ones - CCC love peach and filter can remove the online cleaning, all circuit boards are spraying anti-corrosion paint, improve the system of environmental adaptability, can be used in harsh environment. Application field: telecommunications, finance, securities, insurance, taxation, transportation, medical treatment, enterprise in the field of data processing center, server system, communication system, call center, precision instruments and equipment, office automation applications, core network equipment, etc. Characteristics: MP series modular UPS system is not only a weaver redundant features, can completely replace the traditional 1 + 1, 2 + 1 weaver system, and a traditional incomparable online hotplug weaver system function. No matter on the reliability and availability is much higher than traditional weaver system. At the same time it is a 'green power' scheme, with a high input power factor, low harmonic distortion, high efficiency, and the advantages of high stability and reliability, with powerful monitoring software and comprehensive communication interface, suitable for data center, especially telecommunications, financial industry application.
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