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by:Tianwang     2020-06-22
High-frequency oscillating current, output current of high strength, large capacity dc discharge. Huge 1 output capacity. High voltage, large current design, power is big, can through the clothes shock effect 2 as usual. New electronic circuits using the latest international materials ( Japanese technology) Unique lighting design, unique insurance device light lamp, was bright and long lighting time, irradiation distance can be as high as 400 meters, containing violence, Weak light also contain critical flash) Elaborate new remote 5 meters taser stun guns, high voltage is applied is home to go out, self-defense self-defense best product output voltage: 55 million v ( The measured) Accessories: dedicated, charger, electric batons, manuals, warranty CARDS, with battery inside case: the taser international companies in the United States from a us special forces and swat team brought in 60 volunteers, to let them & other Try to gun & throughout; 。 Technical personnel with a novel gun shoot volunteers, the effective rate of 100%, the gun is like being ordered the key points, all could not move within half a second. This is the famous stun guns test, test the M26 taser. Electric spark. Adopts high voltage 360000 v pulse shock function, 80 m laser sight, 5 meters remote transmitting shocks, double insurance functions. Can be separated by 3 suit or dress, 2 - 3 cm) High voltage electric shock. Self-defense stun guns function characteristics: the integration of a variety of advanced technology, both can melee defense and distance ( Within 5 meters) Enemy, faster than a gun! ! Is currently the most advanced self-defense equipment. Using cutting-edge technology to block the bad brain wave transmission, shock can penetrate through the clothes, make it lose resistance infrared laser sight, quickly a beautiful appearance, small volume, light weight, easy to carry, conform to shoot principle, is the best control weapons of violence. Color: black size: 15 & times; 8× 3 electric voltage: 55 million v launch distance: within 5 meters statement: now on the market a lot of this kind of stun guns is small factory production, without any guarantee of quality, and there is no lighting and alarm function, moreover on the market price is higher than the products of our company, please select the real thing, refuse to accept the fake fake! Such as intentional injury, the company shall not be held any responsibility taser stun guns, import high-tech technology. Taser no bullets, its principle is to rely on launch charged & other; Darts & throughout; To uniform goal. Gun has a full of nitrogen pressure cartridge. Pull the trigger, the cartridge in high pressure nitrogen release quickly, two electrodes are emitted from the gun barrel, after hitting the target, barb can hook on the criminal suspect of the clothes, the battery in the gun barrel is through insulated copper wire release the pressure, whole body muscle cramps to criminals, huddled, with good quality, perfect appearance, durable, product design novel, complete function, small volume, light quality, and easy to carry, etc. Is the public security, patrol duty, armed police, public security, customs, insurance, banking, industrial and mining enterprises from the security of the instrument. The integration of a variety of advanced technology, both can melee defense and distance ( 5 meters or so) Enemy, faster than a gun! ! Is the first of self-defense equipment. Using cutting-edge technology to block the bad brain wave transmission, shock can penetrate through the clothes, make it lose resistance infrared laser sight, quick positioning, beautiful shape, small volume, light weight, easy to carry, conforms to the shooting principle, is the best control weapons of violence. In today's society environment, it can effectively prevent crime, stability, weight about 150 g, very easy to carry, can instantly make the attacker or criminals lose resistance of 30 minutes. The international advanced technology, China and South Korea cooperation manufacturing. Aesthetically pleasing, novel design, small volume, easy to carry, strong penetrating power usage: 1, holding long shots electronic riot first, aim the infrared target line target. 2, elbow placed in the height of the stomach, holding the host with his right hand, left hand to open the safety switch, hold the right hand thumb switch and infrared sight, aimed at gangster head below the range to use switch, electric shock dart needle can penetrate uniform violence criminals. 3, push the safety switch to NO, can a pre-emptive strike when emergencies. 4, when using the darts using infrared sight mount, please do not will host without pointing to others, to see the situation and then make a decision, places to stay away from children, in order to avoid accident. 5, pay attention to the surrounding environment when using any combustible gas or paralysis after causing other unexpected dangers of objective factors, electric batons, do not take this plane. 6, affirmed the safety switch in the condition of insurance, can install shock darts, darts in not the right person, hand out the front of the darts, press with finger darts bayonet, host entry card people, after the completion of the entire device, under the condition of the check and correct push the safety switch to ON place, light is bright, the launch button again, the outbreak of a sound, the electric shock dart needle has hit the mark according to your requirements. Don't put darts at ordinary times can also be used as a defibrillator.
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