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\'taser! taser! taser!\' a possible clue in dashboard camera video

by:Tianwang     2020-06-16
Video from the dashboard camera shows a seemingly routine traffic stop ---
Until it\'s not.
Experts talking to the Los Angeles Times were impressed by how polite the initial communication between North Charleston wasC.
Officer Michael T.
Slager and driver Walter L. Scott.
They agreed that skates should not run, but did not agree with the question of whether sklegel should chase him.
When Slager shouted, \"Taser gun! Taser! Taser!
\"This means that he will uselethal weapon.
In a video released Thursday by law enforcement in South Carolina, Scottsdale pulled to a parking spot at a premium auto parts store in North Charleston.
After a while, Slager went to the car.
\"The reason I stopped you was that your brake light was broken,\" Slager said . \".
He wants Scott\'s license and registration.
Scott said he did not have a registration card or insurance card because he was buying a car, but he seemed to have handed the driver\'s license to Slager.
The police took it to his police car and told Scott to wait in his car.
A few minutes later, however, Scott came out and ran away.
A phone video shot by a passer-by captured the encounter, apparently when Slager tried to use a Taser gun on Scott.
The video shows that sleegel fired eight shots at a killed escaped Scott.
Slinger was charged with murder.
But why is everything wrong?
The man neither raised his voice nor moved in another direction.
Neither one seems hostile.
\"I was a little surprised at how polite [the officer]was,\" Terry L.
Cooper, an expert in law enforcement at the University of Southern California, told The Times.
\"Very well done.
Lisa Graziano, associate professor of criminal justice at the University of California, Los Angeles, agreed.
\"The behavior of this officer is not standard.
From what I have seen, he seems to be dealing very professionally.
California lawyers Graciano and Michael Wren, who represent officials accused of misconduct, focused on the \"Taser gun\" of slig!
\"This can be heard on the dashboard camera audio.
Rain said officials were trained to announce that they were going to use the Taser gun, which would indicate a struggle for them.
\"This is very obvious evidence for me. . .
\"The officer intends to use his Taser gun and does it very poorly,\" Rains said . \".
According to police reports, after shooting Scott, sleegel issued a warning to the dispatcher by radio: \"The shooting, the target was shot down.
He took my Taser.
Graziano said: \"dashboard camera audio can support Slager\'s claim that the Taser gun is broken, but it doesn\'t necessarily support Scott\'s assertion.
Nor can it prove that Scott poses a threat to Slager or anyone else, she said.
Rain thinks this video can be used on Slager\'s defense, at least to show that he really tried to use the Taser gun.
\"I don\'t think when an officer is chasing someone and trying to detain them, rain says:\" They are making up a defense, know they will shoot the man in 5 to 10 seconds. \".
All three experts agreed that Scott should stay in the car, but the escape did not give Slager a license to shoot.
Graziano said it was never possible to run away.
\"You never know what will happen to the police --
Citizens encounter. . . . Many use-of-
The suspect resisted or tried to escape in some way, causing a violent case. \"Cooper agreed.
\"The worst thing you can do when you meet a police officer is to challenge his authority and try to avoid arrest or citation. . . .
But it\'s definitely not worth shooting him.
Once Scott really runs away, it\'s standard for Slager to chase him, Rain says.
\"The idea of officer Apollo is this: if a person doesn\'t want to buy a ticket, why would they run away from the police? \" Rains said.
\"There\'s something else here that he doesn\'t want me to know. . . .
I need to figure out why he ran from me.
But Cooper called the chase an adventure.
\"He has no partner with him and he will find himself in a dangerous situation far from his car.
\"The best thing to do is to stay in the car and call his dispatcher,\" Cooper said . \".
Once Scott was shot, the video from the onlookers appeared to show that slig had dropped his Taser gun on his body.
This is mentioned.
\"I think the evidence is that Officer Slager did go back and get the Taser and was taken over by the body.
The lawyer said: \"It is clear that there is a Taser gun, and the bystander said that he heard the Taser gun.
As far as I know, this is still the shooting at this stage. . . .
It cannot be justified by any legal theory.
\"For more national news, follow me on Twitter: @ ParviniParlanceTimes staff writer David zucino from North CharlestonC.
Contributed to this report.
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