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Teach you high voltage ignition coil manufacturer module maintenance skills

by:Tianwang     2020-06-27
Ignition coil maintenance skills: 1, first of all, get the failure parts. Fault machine ignition coil dusty commonly, some ignition coil appearance have apparent breakdown holes, but only the appearance some ignition coil crack, crack, or contact if not carefully to find, is difficult to find and check, still need electricity to observe when necessary, some minor failure, must also be electric arc could be detected in light and dark environment. 4 - 2, second, the failure parts processing. To wipe the dust on failure positions cannot be simple method, scraping the surface, the more can't deal with serious breakdown of the ignition coil. In order to improve the reliability of repair to the failure parts make a thorough cleaning. Method is: use a sharp blade will breakdown holes or cracks expanding, thoroughly remove the chars, and then use electric hair drier for drying process. 3, finally, to repair the failure positions, with silicone sealant filling first. Note: should pack a few times more, make appropriate repair parts bump, after being dry, reoccupy epoxy resin adhesive layers.
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