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Tenant suddenly took electric shock stick the landlady keep up a perfect save themselves from the textbooks Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
(zhejiang online April 14, Qianjiang evening news reporter XiaoJing) Rental room first, just to sign the rental contract, 40, the landlady said: either, you can pay the rent for a half a year. The words sound just fell, have never thought, in the sight of the tenants from the pocket of many years old 30 is a electric shock stick, word is the landlady waist tong. Guy owe a somebody else of 1. 2 million yuan, a coward, but the landlady can head off? The plot, is almost a perfect save your textbook. False tenant suddenly turned into a real robbers ms zhao economic bounteous, a set of is located in the xiaoshan city apartment for rent. Just moved out last tenant, ms zhao from rental housing information online. A few days later, she got a call from a man, say they want to rent. On January 14, man about the ms zhao. January 15, man again about ms zhao, also to ask some property, then let ms zhao drove him to the bank, to get money to pay the rent. Finally, the man is put forward, we went to the house signed a contract to pay money. Two people signed the rental contract in rental room, everyone was happy. When ms zhao to man to rent situation mutations, Afterwards when replacement, the man said, he had a fierce ideological struggle, then think if you don't start work, and I have no chance) 。 The man suddenly slammed shut the door, ms zhao pull down to the ground and come up with electric shock stick cling to resist her, & other; Robbery! All the money, bank CARDS & throughout; On one side and lifted an apple mobile phone of ms zhao. Petite ms zhao, with wicked men in their early thirties, and knife stick, what to do. This keep up a three-step let she finally retaining, the first step: calm the phone no & other; Sell & throughout; The robber. Ms zhao thought his head must be no good, will obediently to hand over their property, did very fit, also chat with him, advised him not to do silly things. At this moment, ms zhao phone bell rang, the robber bash elbows by glaring: & other; Don't be means & throughout; 。 When ms zhao's heart thumped as he actually nervous also, but she still call calmly, and even did not show any difference, not blindly for help, no & other; Sell & throughout; The robber, call still put mobile phone handed over back. Men see this performance, and gradually squeamishness. The second step: excuse to go to the toilet, after sending two text message for help or delete. See the robber attitude, ms zhao test way, I'm nervous, want to go to the toilet, couldn't help it. Ms zhao be allowed into the toilet, robbers in the living room. She hurriedly lay, took out hidden in the body of another cell phone, sending two messages for help for husband, is the first article & other; Help & throughout; 。 The second is & other; I rent the room & throughout; 。 After the success of the text messages, wary of ms zhao will SMS deleted immediately, calmly walked out of the toilet, continue to deal with the robbers. Step 3: until the police knocking at the door, the landlady also appease robbers on the property. The head, ms zhao's husband received, the wife of the text message for help electric batons, immediately called the police, and to get rental housing with police. “ Benedict, Benedict, Benedict & throughout; , knocking sound up. Ms zhao saw eye was taut robbers, and calm man, & other; Property is to have a look, it's okay, you go to send him to go & throughout; 。 This man in silence, electric batons, intensely staring at the door. A suffocating quiet, only hear the knock at the door is rapid, the door was banging loudly. Robbers full head big sweat, panic, a teeth to pull the ms zhao into the room, out of the bag already prepared tape trussed up ms zhao. Knocking at the door, a kick opened the door, police rushed into the room, I saw ms zhao hands are tied of belt, is a man with fruit head neck. After a fierce battle, ms zhao husband will man with police uniform. Prosecutors said he'd give wit landlady point after investigation, the man surnamed peng, jiangxi people, unemployed, no criminal record. With a $1. 2 million of debt. In early January, the Spring Festival approaching, peng one drives also money to be in the dark days. He saw xiaoshan rent house information online, then thought of a rich landlord rob money idea. That day, he made a phone call to ms zhao, a listen to is a woman, then to see the house. Met, some see ms zhao peng from the coming out of an audi, presumption of the landlord must be a rich man, decided to prey on. In a rented house peng, using means of electric shock, posed threat their victim apple 5 s handsets, bank card 2 1, with a fruit knife threatened against ms zhao neck, wounded ms zhao. Review of the xiaoshan district people's procuratorate, peng a make, for the purpose of illegal possession, use violence, coercion to rob others property, yesterday to robbery of the public prosecution in accordance with the law. Once convicted, peng one could face more than 3 years, 10 years in prison. Prosecutors said women should strengthen awareness, in the process of rental housing, best to invite friends and family, property management personnel to participate in together, to prevent criminals take in. Online or meet some people that rent a house, be sure to clear each other's true identity, is wary of criminals.
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