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Tgo airport again seized 'mascara' type defibrillator - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Civil aviation resource net on September 30, 2016 news: the morning of September 28, tgo airport X-ray machine operating crew seized in a carry-on bag lady a 'mascara' stun guns, it is also a tgo airport into the second style seized the defibrillator in September. 28 morning, tgo airport aviation security department GS6672 flights from tgo to Hohhot in the implementation of the security tasks, X-ray machine operating crew during the inspection, electric batons, found a purse with suspected defibrillator images of the contact, but because the bag inside the car keys, key bag, COINS and other metal objects is more, can't see the whole outline, operating crew inform open bags inspector to open the bag bag check. Open bags inspector during inspection, electric batons, the bag still haven't found after all metal objects from electric shock, then remove the bag items and metal objects through the X-ray machine for inspection again. Found bags do have a defibrillator, position in the small cosmetic bag in the bag, open bags inspector again open packet inspection, inspection found to be a 'mascara' stun guns. The female passenger said: 'is for the use of friends sent self-defense. Then open bags inspector told the passengers 'alien stun guns belong to the prohibited item, has strong offensive, prohibit carry-on or checked to carry on the plane, and the passengers and the public security organs of banned items handed over to the airport. Commend 0 WenBang ( Feed: Inner Mongolia tgo civil aviation airport company,
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