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Thank you, live fingerprint anniversary celebration perfect end Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Late on June 16, live fingerprint anniversary, big surprise party held numerous live world uber, live fingerprint star hosts, live fingerprint employees spent a night off. Anniversary party, fingerprint live President Mr Wang Aoyan came to power speech, regrets for one year live fingerprint growth, thanks to anchor a year of hard work and pay, as well as the development of the fingerprints expressed the ardent hope for the future. Fingerprints according to all the host efforts over the past year, selected the anniversary & other; Ten throughout the &; Anchor, and prepared to luxury package and exclusive custom & other; Gold print & throughout; As a souvenir. One week in the brightest anchor & other; 克里” Won the most shining prize - a week The maldives luxury. Online activities in order to encourage the first anniversary of the first, print special list and set up the first anniversary of the red man anniversary god trenches, and give cash prize award. Red & other one year anniversary Noisy ah & throughout; With the first anniversary of god trenches & other; Riding a pig hit the tree ah & throughout; To receive this honor. Topic anchors & other; Han Xi elegant & throughout; A suit Jenny red with big green robes, undoubtedly become the most eye absorption characters that night. Handprints live hosts have come up with their own & other; An ace & throughout; : ten most anchor & other; Throughout the vast &; 、“ Momo & throughout; Passion life, the whole people live anchor the higher-ups have also rearranged, universal & other; Director & throughout; 、“ Miss huang & throughout; Live webcast, & other; J teacher & throughout; Vitality sing, electric batons, & other; General Lord Buddha & throughout; With & other; Grain full room & throughout; Wonderful combination, the party atmosphere to a climax. Stimulate the interesting game link, the site also the enthusiasm of the guests transferred to the highest point. Live fingerprint for the anniversary of custom & other; Take off a single pillow & throughout; A play, let a person fondle admiringly, caused a scene quite a commotion. Finally is more exciting prize draw, surprise, each won the host is the joyous smile on his face. Fingerprint live online since last June, to be a live broadcast of mergers and acquisitions, become the country's line live platform, along the way, the host and the team fought, through wind and rain. As President said, in the future, hand towards quality live will continue to be more interesting, more power, live. Next week, we will be better!
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