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The 22nd China ( Shenzhen) International gifts, handicrafts, watches and clocks, and household goods exhibition

by:Tianwang     2020-07-15

business BaoYue - companies and exhibition to introduce a nice sinoexpo exhibition (
Shenzhen) Have a nice expo group (co. , LTD. , is by The world's largest exhibition and conference organizer) Lizhan sinoexpo is one of the largest exhibition organizer, gift industry in China is also a nice expo group company.
every month and month gold purchase season, lizhan sinoexpo dedication in shenzhen, China's largest gifts and household goods exhibition. The exhibition attracts more than ten thousands of professional buyers to purchase all kinds of business gifts and consumer goods, the buyer including agents, distributors, wholesalers, department stores, gift company, group purchase and the end user. From manufacturers from all walks of life to the most competitive prices, a wide range of quality products, innovative design for the buyers to provide a rich choice. Concluding the personage inside course of study in communication, cooperation and guide the market development trend. China is becoming the world's third-largest economy, as a professional for many years to focus on domestic market trade exhibition, shenzhen gifts home show for overseas suppliers to provide the best opportunity to develop the Chinese market.
no. 1 Chinese gift household for the gifts, household items, handicrafts, toys, bags, stationery and other industries of manufacturers and suppliers, is looking for agents, looking for new customers, understand market and promote your brand the best platform.
no. 1 Chinese gift household will target buyers' guide to the exhibitors booth, help to develop new business opportunities, to show enterprise brand image! Gift show 21 years of professional operation to show a visitor like cloud, the exhibitors fill their carts. Information:
show name: the 22nd China ( Shenzhen) International gifts, handicrafts, watches and clocks, and household goods exhibition
time: monthly - Day
point: shenzhen convention and exhibition center,,,,,,,,,,, hall, building platform, north square and what channel
the booth number:
the exhibitors booths:
the exhibition scale: m2
object: trade fairs, limit the personage inside course of study tour, declined to people under 18 admission tickets for
: yuan/day (limited Successful pre-registration visitors free)
hotline: -

'ceramic exhibits category, table supplies, crystal and glassware
low household goods, home textiles supplies, kitchen supplies, home decorations,
' electronic and electrical appliances, toys,
'packaging and paper products,
' sports leisure travel supplies, bags leather goods
stationery and cultural objects, the collection
low gifts, handicrafts, promotional advertising gifts,
'jewelry and ornaments, clocks and watches
low yanju and lighter, beauty care products other (
Association, trade services, etc. )
the previous buyers data analysis: attendance:,, south China %, % in east China, central China, north China, northeast, southwest, northwest %
the previous buyers source analysis: advertising, gift company %, % agents, distributors, wholesalers, end users group procurement %, producers are % %, department store chain store retailers % %
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Shanghai international company is furniture and interior decoration exhibition
the exhibition time: July - Day
the exhibition location: Shanghai new international expo center
the sixth China ( Chengdu) Gifts and household products exhibition
the exhibition time: July - Day
the exhibition location: chengdu century city new international exhibition center
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lizhan sinoexpo exhibition ( Shenzhen) Co. , LTD.
address: shenzhen downtown fortune China shenzhen international chamber of commerce center, and room ( )
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