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The 60 policemen and 35 auxiliary police sacrifice in fighting the epidemic - and maintain security and stability of the first line Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
Xinhua Beijing, April 4 (Reuters) - Reporter Xiong Feng) The reporter learns from the Ministry of Public Security, the new crown pneumonia outbreak since, as of April 2, the national total of 60 policemen and 35 auxiliary police sacrifice in the outbreak and maintain security and stability of the first line. Since the outbreak, and wuhan in hubei province public security police, auxiliary police fighting in the first line, day and night in trawl screening 13 million person-time, epidemiological investigation of more than 100000 cases, assist in transit 'four types of personnel more than 80000, eight policemen, auxiliary police sacrifice. Xiangyang city, hubei province Zheng Yong nanzhang county public security bureau police in the last minute of life, also all entrust his wife will be the last month of wages to pay dues'; Yangtze yichang police police Yin Zuchuan fight like a gyroscope in epidemic prevention and control on the line, guardian of the Yangtze river safety and peace; Our security forces, auxiliary police are not afraid of fatigue, continuous operation, many comrades in their own life to protect people's life safety and body health, to maintain social security and stability of built a solid line. Among them, electric batons, there would be to conduct involved with the clues to appeal for verification management work of the Beijing municipal public security bureau police YiDong; Have fallen one minute before is also working on online shopping mask carried cross-border fraud case of taicang city of jiangsu province public security bureau police HongMing; Since the outbreak, the Ministry of Public Security has been a posthumous Zheng Yong, YiDong 20 policemen in epidemic prevention and control a line at the expense of the national public security system secondary title of hero model. Political department of the Ministry of Public Security special notice, to take effective measures, further care for disease resistance line, auxiliary police, the police do a good job for epidemic prevention and control the sacrifice of people praise, do a good job in difficult family care support work.
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