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The accountability, as much as you can explorations and don't forget the beginner's mind the public road

by:Tianwang     2020-06-25
Our company (on January 28th ) Invited to ho Yang youth volunteer association summary commendation congress in 2018 and 'don't forget the beginner's mind, create brilliant' orientation. County in the united front work department, deputy minister Wang Yihua heyang communist youth league committee secretary liu tao, deputy secretary of the communist youth league heyang dan-ping wang, county full-time deputy director of the office of the NNCC FuChunXi and other leaders invited to attended the meeting. County JuXie, Taipei county, county festival culture association, autumn photography association, head of the association and other social groups, and YangChenYang paint, water, xin sheng engineering co. , LTD. , arashi fitness, Yang splendid pearl firm, hurtling trailer factory, jin yuan gas appliance co. , LTD. , huaying education, and the peak morning cleaning cleaning center, super, day limei makeup, joyboa waterproof, contact sichuan gourd professional cooperatives, studios in the new century, the ancient imperial e-commerce company, zhongtong express love enterprise representatives, such as Yang branch ho Yang television, media information, rainbow fame, Yang Yang life circle, the glory of life network, phoenix songs wind studios and other media are invited to attended the meeting. At the annual meeting of heyang, chairman of the youth volunteer association ju-fang wang made 2018 annual work summary, review the past year the progress of each volunteer work. Around my county economic and social development needs, the association has abundant volunteer service activities. In 2018, the cumulative 46 games, activities credit service length up to 6283. 2 hours, 2404 of honor. 1 hour. This year, we against poverty, environmental protection plant green, help the university entrance exam love dedication, holidays, we spent in high-speed road, along the yellow road service desk, in memory of the may fourth movement and youth power poverty crucial commendation congress, rural electronic commerce founding conference, inheritance, 5 red gene strides into the new era. 19 'global tourism better life' theme activities, the third swimming competition of heyang, heyang third moral models commendation congress, national square dance show Yang station, the commendation congress 2018 poverty alleviation FuZhi out of poverty, Mr Mark Li Jingci's 120th birthday, weinan warm start ceremony, more than 2019 New Year's day party and so on ten big events on us with the professional, sincere and friendly service, showing guests perfect inside and outside the province in the male youth volunteer spirit, won the organizer and forum guests' consistent high praise! At six help dream broken-winged angel love public welfare project enterprise as well as the best volunteers, goodwill ambassador, ambassador for the public good, the fourth session of the owner, the 4th warm winter warmer winters action love action outstanding volunteers for the 74 excellent individual, etc. Volunteers during the meeting, the director from shows wonderful appearance, ordinary guileless and energetic, sketch 'ho Yang welcomes you', 'play infusion bag or bottle', solo 'our people', intangible items show 'muppet' won the audience cheers! Poem titled 'infinite love volunteer peer' prose reading will be the scene atmosphere to a climax, attend recitation of elderly people, are the earliest to join love team in the volunteer college volunteers, youth volunteer representatives, representatives and representatives of small and medium-sized student volunteers, volunteer spirit embodies the new era. Conference, heyang communist youth league committee secretary liu tao made important speech, fully affirmed the 2018 association of volunteer service work, volunteer work for a New Year hopes and requirements are put forward. The meeting our company ( ) Won the 'love enterprise' honorary title, our company general manager and YangQingXie board member, deputy secretary general, won the outstanding volunteers racon comrades 'help dream broken-winged angel project goodwill ambassador' and 'the 4th warm winter love owners' and other honorary title, and represent youth volunteer to speak at the meeting, with their own feeling to share with you volunteer service as the starting point. Day line, the gentleman to self-reliance. Looking back in 2018, we are proud, in 2019, to celebrate the hopeful we confidence still, aplomb and dedication. New Year, the association continues to prepare traditional public welfare projects at the same time, continue to deepen the connotation of the volunteer service, to 'help dream broken-winged angel public welfare project' good practice base building, better service to the troubled children. Volunteer career broader heaven and earth, and, to a new level! Make contributions to construction of a new wealthy beautiful happy ho Yang!
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