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The application of high energy ignition in the boiler

by:Tianwang     2020-06-25
High energy ignition when many boilers and other equipment for large gas will appear before the furnace compressed air pressure is too low, the air - Fuel flow rate adjustment than would be close to or exceed the maximum flow adjustment. Need to turn down fuel supply regulator or improve the compressed air pressure; High energy ignition energy shortage or play doesn't work. Maintenance electrode or replace the burning torch; With the wind is too large. The appropriate small oil gun burning wind; Flame pulse, instability. Hydraulic or air pressure instability, the operation adjustment door stable oil or gas pressure. Portable high-energy ignition manufacturer company has a group of technical experts in the field of combustion equipment and combustion control technology, and with a number of university academy ( The) Cooperation developed combustion equipment products. Specializing in the production of high-energy ignition, explosion-proof high energy ignition device, portable high-energy ignition, flame detector, ultraviolet flame detector, ion flame detector, remote/on-site automatic ignition, flame-out protection combustion controller ( Ark) , burner etc. At the same time to undertake all kinds of industrial furnace/boiler combustion engine combustion device system complete sets of engineering, combustible gas monitoring alarm and torch burning tossing in engineering and related equipment technical services. Portable high-energy ignition has been widely used in petroleum chemical industry, metallurgy, coking, electricity, coal chemical industry and environment protection, etc.
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