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The central people's broadcasting station network China hosted the world's largest Chinese portal - audio network Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-24
Wide network in yinchuan, nov. 15, November 14, and restaurant meal of conflict as a woman is still waiting for the station. Late on November 11, Ms. Ren and friends in jinfeng district, yinchuan, big dian garden restaurant, ask for bill clashed with the clerk. Conflict, Ms. Ren was a clerk in a crackling sound object down, she suspected to be electric batons, the doctor diagnosed with electrically damaging, and restaurant lobby manager says no such objects as electric batons. Clashed female customers: ask for invoice from November 12, the branch in the autonomous region people's hospital for treatment of Ms. Ren told me that at about 11, 18, she in jinfeng district big dian garden restaurant with friends. About 22, Mr Friend is still the checkout to ask for bill to the cashier, the cashier is open to other bills, said the restaurant in the operational phase, there is no invoice. Both parties to a dispute. An hour after the quarrel, Ms. Ren and the son of a man who drove to take them home, met at the gate of the restaurant of yunnan garden restaurant a few employees. Ms. Ren heard the voice of the son to quarrel with people outside, he out of the restaurant. Theory, a man carrying a object to Ms. Ren's son, and open the switch, the object of a crackling sound, Ms. Ren speculation may be electric batons, he instinctively block in front of his son. Never thought the man picked up the object, immediate roof in any woman on his left arm. 'At that time I will sleep around the body very hemp,' dong 'to a kneeling on the ground'. At this moment, the other a man get on the bus trying to leave, as a woman struggling to get up from the ground after the block in front not to drive, 'words didn't say that finish, I feel the back have two being shocked, instantly unconscious, lying on the floor. After a few minutes, his son and friends will I wake up, and dial the alarm telephone '. The lobby manager: restaurant without electric batons restaurant staff using the electric batons if in conflict? On November 14th afternoon, electric batons, I went to the yunnan garden restaurant, the lobby manager, says ms zhou prior to her from the rest of the restaurant staff has been off work. After the incident, to stay in the dining room attendant told her restaurant staff and customers to fight. She found in 12 around zero hour arrived at the restaurant, the restaurant two flower POTS smashed, chef's face and restaurant manager Chen's hand was scratched. For Ms. Ren said electric batons, says ms zhou restaurant items without electric batons, only patrol at night with a flashlight. ChuJing policeman: two search found only a torch to find out the truth, on November 12, 14, the author came to the Great Wall road police station. The case -- police xiao-ping Chen, 23 55 points, while police station received a call, they rushed to the scene, a mess inside dining-room, the decoration of the content such as flower POTS smashed on the floor. At that time, ms ren said that he was the other three blows with electric batons, feel very uncomfortable, on the family escorted to the hospital for treatment. , dining-room police after several employees back to the police station to do record. As for Ms. Ren was hurt by something, it is under investigation. For Ms. Ren said electric batons, xiao-ping Chen said in the restaurant was not found after conducted two search, only to find a flashlight. In addition, the restaurant staff were injured. The hospital diagnosis: electrically damaging hit Ms. Ren is electric batons or else? After Ms. Ren to show himself in the 12 at 2 PM of biochemical test. 4 u/L and the normal data should be between 0 - Between 25 u/L. According to the doctor on duty that day, as a woman to go to a doctor, patients with chest pain, accompanied by chest condition, dizziness headache phenomenon, hands have scratches, the doctor on duty to open the first diagnosed with Ms. Ren to electrically damaging. ( Reporters overwhelmed with Wu Xiaoyu)
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