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The championship remind: hull city attack bowen four goals + 1 assists - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
Venue: card Neil WeChat scan code - wo road stadium Football must focus red single ball analysis: hunting luton: the game, luton defender Martin Carat absent because of injury, but coach klemm - Jones has two players return, including carew - Money and Dan Mr Winters. Brendan - is expected Galloway will replace Luke Bolton to right-back, perhaps luton change only one place in the starting line-up. On the round of the championship game, luton, 2 - on the road 3 but against queens park rangers, the team after each competition ended the pace of 3 in a row, the opening is less than 30 minutes, luton conceded three goals, it faced with hull city have against thering is no lack of talent, luton need to become more organised in defence. Playing at the home of the season so far, luton in or commendable, the team start 3 - 3 with boro into fighting and strong teams, then 1 ball small loss to upgrade the popular west brom at home recently, luton, 2 - 1 rick from the premier league serie Omaha Mansfield, luton have encountered enemy did not flinch, so to speak. Hull city: the game, hull city's anggun - MacDonald and Daniel Buddy absent because of injury, although the striker meagan nice draw, but not necessarily a starting; Plug - young teenager Burg it suits, avram grant - McCain or directly to the layout in defence. Hull city have just signed free-agent norbert - Mr. Balogh ( Norbert Sandor Balogh) The 23 year-old, Hungarian striker is 1. 97 meters, with the team to sign a one-year contract. On the round of the championship game, 2 - hull city at old trafford 2 draw with wigan athletic, with bowen and gross base successively, help hull city at half-time lead, sorry to draw by rivals, but the second half to hull city will be widened to a record of five games. For championship start hull is disappointing, after 7 round, hull city only recorded 1-3-3, electric batons, cumulative scoring eight goals, lost 11 goals, now with the relegation zone. Offensively, hull city's biggest threat bowen and gross base two strikers, bowen scored four goals in plus 1 assists, gross base 2 balls and 1 assists, two people together to participate in the hull all current goals. So, the two people once they are competitors, now expected to hull city situation it is hard to open the offense. Hunters are data: luton: luton past 9 all round the home on the ball luton averaging sheet number 1. 86 pitches, poor performance in the current championship second hull city: hull city like luton, new season seven games championship has always failed to zero sealed hull city in the past 12 championship games only have won 1 ( 1-5-6) Small make up: hunting - ball youth
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