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The Chinese navy produce first female Uighur officer ( figure

by:Tianwang     2020-07-14

hu di force omar use their spare time in the library 'charge' ( Hao was taken)
the original title: Chinese navy's first uighurs female officers
international online news ( Reporter Yang Qiong, Song Xiaobiao) : day, the Chinese navy school first Uighur women, Mr. Hu ABuLaiDi, from known as the 'cradle naval officer,' said the dalian naval academy graduate to the coastline, which has become the first people's navy uighurs female officers.
in the morning, the dalian naval academy number of sessions held a grand graduation ceremony. In the magnificent military music, from excellent soldiers carry work team, hu omar ABuLaiDi, solemnly receive diploma from dean guo-ping jiang major general.
hu di force omar ABuLaiDi is navy first enrolled in xinjiang uygur female sailors, soldiers is a college student. During China's first aircraft carrier liaoning ship service, she has participated in complete carrier transfer out, platforms and other major activities, sea trial was rated as excellent soldiers. Years, she stood out was after strict selection and examination, was identified as outstanding soldiers which college students, into the dalian naval academy started a one-year professional training.
, Mr. Hu ABuLaiDi classroom teachers, the dalian naval academy professor jing-shun yao information operations, told reporters that, in accordance with requirements of the command and professional talent training scheme, for one year,, Mr. Hu has completed the naval tactics 'navy grass-roots work' the naval vessel tissue and the training and other public courses and professional courses, and with the ship sailing in sea practical training, study very hard, also have good results in all the subjects.
in accordance with the relevant, after graduation, Mr. Hu ABuLaiDi liaoning ship will return to the original forces. About yourself from a local college students, college students' soldiers, grow into a naval officer, Mr Hu said, back to the troops, be sure to apply the knowledge to work, the more hard work, strive to become a qualified naval officer.
according to the dalian naval academy brigade brigade major Feng Hengxing is introduced, and the same time, Mr. Hu entrance, there is a growing class of Uighur women, they will accept the years of study and training. College for their study and life are very concerned about, is specially set up a halal restaurant, arranged faculty 'separate' for them, and help them to solve the difficulties in learning. Team also arranged for them 'Chinese small faculty', every day with their learning Chinese knowledge, oral English, at present, two people's Chinese language level has reached to normal communication, classroom teaching and no obstacles. Believe that after years of academy training, they can become an excellent naval officer.
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