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by:Tianwang     2020-07-20

in the near future, huashan area of work safety in production of gas station well-deployed to take measures, earnestly do a good job security. Carry out a comprehensive safety inspection. Set up safety inspection team, to screening of oil depot and gas stations in camp, nine key inspection content, namely the look in field operation, emergency facilities, check the rules and regulations to implement, contingency drills, check key operation procedures implementation, emergency supplies with situation, check business payment management, product quality management, check hidden dangers rectification implementation, etc. , through in-depth carefully check the status of key parts and points out the hidden dangers and problems of the on the spot, and hidden dangers rectification notice, the issuance of the relevant person in charge of instruct rectification within a time limit. To carry out the safety knowledge training. Held the safety knowledge training, management knowledge, the behavior of the basic requirements, gas station site operation requirements, the behavior of the oil depot basic requirements and the operation of all kinds of emergency procedures, the use of emergency rescue equipment, through the study, enhance employee safety awareness. At the same time, strengthen the management of oil depot FengBiHua. Loading and unloading system, strictly all warehouse personnel must hold 'card'; Inspection on all incoming vehicles, it is forbidden to carry matches, lighters, mobile phone and so on fire and other inflammable, explosive into the Treasury. Hours inspection system, strictly in the all important parts of safety inspection, prevent the happenings of all kinds of accidents.
to report complaints production safety special clothes
if production safety accidents and all kinds of illegal illegal production and operation construction behavior, please call free hours ( Huashan district safety bureau)
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