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The connecting way of soot blower

by:Tianwang     2020-06-26
Sootblower high-energy ignition mode of connection: 1, open Φ 16 on the burner. 5 and the orifice of hole processing M18 x 1. 5 the installation of the screw, the ignition rod screw in can, we present a new ignition rod structure, ignition rod does not need to adjust the ignition distance and ignition rod instantaneous high temperature tolerance of 1300 ℃. 2, ignition rod ignition end installed 20 ~ 30 mm in front of the burner nozzle, gas burner take a smaller distance, fuel burner for greater distance. 3, with special high voltage cable connects high-energy ignition and ignition rod, pay attention to tighten the nut, do not loose. 4, connect AC 220 v power input line ignition, or accept the control power supply automatic ignition.
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