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The correct way of using the electric batons considerations - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
A self-defense electric batons, the correct method of use: general holding batons handle with your right hand, and nylon cord set in the wrist, to prevent each other from the or too hard. Aim the thumb electric switch, and press it hard, batons within metal high-pressure contact with pulse high pressure and high pressure spiral. Will contact and high pressure spiral touch human skin, can take effect. It should be noted that, once touch human skin, should immediately withdraw batons, contact with the skin for a long time will affect its power. If want to shock, can back and forth on the human body skin contact friction on the human skin may also use a spiral line. In short, in order to contact non-contact shock effect is best. In the struggle, should avoid each other hold metal spiral. Once held by the other end, can bay switch or make the rod body is continuously, forcing the other side is loose, then switch to get an electric shock. Hit each other in case of an emergency, can use electric batons, but pay attention to stick the body wall aluminium alloy tube, the upper rod core, containing the heavier blow head ministries cause disability and life threatening. Normally should give priority to with shock, small electric can only be used for electric shock. Note: should be done before each use electric batons performance check, to see if the battery pack, back cover whether the set of tight, press the switch switch whether issued & other; Make & throughout; Sound, touch the point contact with high-pressure metal objects should be blue sparks, times and time shoulds not be too much for too long, in case the consumption of battery capacity. With batons shock the person, we should shock the skin or the clothes wear more thin, shock wear thick place, no effect. In order to keep the stick body clean and good insulation, often should use alcohol to clean the rod body surface, remove the dirt. Self-defense electric batons circuit once appear, fault, do not disassemble the repair by oneself, should be centralized and unified to the factory for repair. Three, battery charging and discharging: under normal circumstances, the battery charge should be done once a month, as long as the use of reasonable maintenance, cadmium nickel battery can be repeated charge and discharge 400 times or so. Charging environment temperature 15 ℃ ~ 35 ℃ is relatively appropriate, shall not be in direct sunlight or heat sources ( Stove, etc. ) The charge and discharge, battery protected from short circuit.
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