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The detection principle of ultraviolet flame detector

by:Tianwang     2020-06-26
The strength of the device test chamber or the burner flame. Mainly consists of two parts, the probe and the signal processor, to show the strength of the flame in analog output signal, says there are no flame on-off signals and ( Or) To show the strength of the flame video signal. Ultraviolet flame detector using ultraviolet light tube as sensing element, the spectral range from 0. 006-0. Between 4 microns. Uv detector from ordinary optical detector ( Ultraviolet flame detector, visible flame detector and infrared flame detector) Development to the flame ultraviolet flame detector using ultraviolet light tube as the sensing element. Ultraviolet light tube is - Kind of solid state pulse device, the signal of pulse frequency is itself and ultraviolet radiation frequency proportional random pulse. Ultraviolet light tube has two electrodes, - Alternating current high voltage. When the radiation to the electrode. The ultraviolet light is strong enough, the electrodes have 'avalanche' pulse current, its frequency is related to the intensity of the ultraviolet light, up to a few thousand Hertz.
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