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The flame monitor connections

by:Tianwang     2020-06-26
Ultraviolet flame detector: ultraviolet flame detector can be long-term continuous detection of various gas boiler flame, security monitoring the boiler was carried out. Its main structure consists of two parts, sensor and processor, between the probe and the processor consists of two core/three core cable connection. Its working principle is ultraviolet (uv) type of flame detector probe containing quartz dust before the lens, flame light transmit the signals to the uv light at the end of the probe tube, completed by uv light tube photoelectric conversion. Between the probe and the processor signal transmission current transmission ways, in order to improve the anti-interference ability, and through the two core/three core cable to the processor. Processors will be triggered by the probe from the signal by matching circuit circuit for processing, to have, no fire, and gives corresponding directives and output.
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