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The force to carry out the strengthening safety checks - police equipment Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
Recent self-defense electric batons, huaian, small make up to focus on the police force to regulate police equipment management, ensure effective application of police equipment, strengthen law enforcement police on duty security protection, huaian, jiangsu province public security bureau traffic police detachment high-speed three brigade organization police on duty vehicles, single police equipment to conduct a comprehensive detailed inspection, to ensure that equipment is complete, performance in good condition, the maximum daily duty and civilian police security protection. Detailed measures to improve the work efficiency. Brigade police equipment use files on all, determine the personnel management, store positioning, regular police equipment registration, custody, perfect the supervision and inspection, in accordance with the requirements for police equipment management, standardized, scientific and efficient use. A person proportional amount, ensure the regulation in place. Brigade by comprehensive stocks under centralized management, unified in accordance with the provisions, numbered and place to certify the right to do & other; Point, a person, the proportional amount & throughout; , the implementation of personnel management, maintenance, regular sampling, special registration complete parameter, team to ensure that all single police equipment in good condition, keep war footing. To strengthen the management, to ensure the normal use. According to the & other; Who use, who is in charge of & throughout; Of single police equipment on a regular basis, reflective vest, warning shoulder lamps, flashlights, single police on duty inspection law enforcement recorder and other kinds of police equipment testing and maintenance, use of the succession of time each day to the patrol car and the car police equipment to conduct a comprehensive inventory check, especially for vehicle tires, brake lights, wiper and commonly used machinery and equipment, such as once found the problem, in a timely manner to eliminate hidden dangers, resolutely eliminate hidden danger vehicles patrolling, ensure that equipment used in good condition. ( When using riot shields need to be the left arm of the inside the hanging belt, hand to hold the handle, put his fingers in place can touch switch button. In the use of electric shock, light emission of the projectile, you need to switch the corresponding first and work instructions, with the lights burning finger touch switch button. Use only need to shut down after the insurance switch can be reset to stop. When using the launcher, can will need to use the bomb into the bottom of the canister launcher, then open the switch, the corresponding insurance work indicator, fingers open corresponding artillery firing switch, can for the projectile launch function. ) Count on a regular basis, timely leak fill a vacancy. Random testing special brigade will team situation, such as tear injector ( Self-defense electric batons) Expiry date, complete BaoFeiQi equipment timely updates, completes the supplement. To practice reflective cones and other consumables, cannot normal use of damaged goods and so on, do it in a timely manner for complement, ensure full single police equipment is complete.
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