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The fourth warmer winters action of heyang 'communist youth league power poverty engines - — We are in action'

by:Tianwang     2020-06-25
January 17, the communist youth league in weinan, weinan municipal party committee of ShaoGongWei, heyang new era civilization practice center, heyang communist youth league committee, heyang ShaoGongWei host, city garden garden community, heyang county youth volunteer association to undertake the fourth warmer winters heyang action of 'communist youth league power poverty engines - — We officially launched in action 'in the garden community square. On behalf of my company is involved in this activity. Start ceremony, group county for the county 50 poor students issued including cotton, cotton padded cap, scarf, gloves, thermos flask, insulated lunchbox, gouachebrush worth 400 yuan red scarf warm 'childlike innocence' warm bag, site was awarded to heyang public security bureau police brigade 6 'carry forward the good professional ethics, the first-class work performance' youth team 'youth civilization' honor. At the same time, the volunteers association to give the warm winter supplies the action such as nine love enterprise awarded MEDALS or certificates. The event also specially invited experts in weinan central hospital physicians in warmer winters in garden communities health clinic, provide free medical consultation for the populace, health knowledge popularization and drug distribution and other services. After the launching ceremony, heyang youth volunteer points four service team, to the county towns ( Street) For 30 families, the poor old man sent to rice, noodles, oil, cotton-padded clothes, quilts, toiletries, Yang special local product, the gourd winter and Spring Festival couplets, sympathy and blessing. In recent years, Yang group relying on the youth volunteer association, organize volunteers into village, home, no children, no life source, life is indeed difficult to lonely seniors, and collected data compilation and families children, in integrating the youth civilization collective, outstanding young entrepreneurs, youth volunteers and social loving people, etc, on the basis of all kinds of social resources, with warm winter actions as the carrier, the elderly and infirm, and poor family children to carry out the centralized condolences. Warmer winters action for four years, has accumulated to 310 poor children and 117, poverty and loss of independence and infirm old man sent the sympathy and solicitude of wintry day, to make them to feel the warmth of social organization and care!
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