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The gate of a silk by processing centers

by:Tianwang     2020-07-20

our company ( Reporter Xia Binting) 'I don't know is false, will has a harmful effect on the body? 'Recently, who lives in yiwu galactic neighborhood Mr Zheng call new hotline reflect, this period of time, the silver river there is a flow near stall in processing silk by, his wife also entrust their processing. But, for silk by, he find it difficult to discern.
Mr Zheng said the silk by processing centers located in the silver river near the underground garage, has been more than a month, the business is very good. 'Here not only processing, along with to sell silk, per jin yuan, a lot cheaper than the stores. '
a few days ago, Mr Zheng's wife in made a bed silk by the processing centers. 'Because before we bought a few jins of silk in hangzhou, the wife was getting home of silk in stall to buy some silk again, be a silk by. 'Mr Zheng says, more money to buy a silk and toll fee RMB in total. 'If it really is silk, the price is not expensive. '
Mr Zheng says, his wife see like cotton, silk by the processing centers do is play, but he heard that silk can't play, should be spinning processing, so doubt this is fake silk to be sold.
for this, the reporter found the silk by the processing centers. To be the boss surnamed xu, from henan. He said he is from jiaxing stands on the silk into goods, real. 'I'm here with cocoon spinning directly, not like other place, sell is manufacturer to make quilts, could not see the silk quilt. 'Said xu boss, silk must first after silk cocoon machine draw wire, then can attain the quilt. He also showed a reporter a side residents new silk by.
to silk, Mr Xu also took out a lighter with the field test. And he said, to distinguish between silk, burn is the most simple way. 'Silk is away from the fire that is quenched, burn down after the fire, silk of extinguish fire, and burn out is grey. You can smell that burn out, is the kind of smell like burning hair. 'Xu said, if it is fake silk, the smell is like cotton combustion, taste bitter.
then, the reporter will reflect this situation to yiwu industrial and commercial bureau. Is in charge of the management of the jurisdiction of jiangdong industrial workers, according to the silk by looking at it is difficult to distinguish, but Mr Xu no business license, there is no fixed place of business, has been in violation of the relevant laws and regulations. To immediately after the on-site inspection of law enforcement officers to be surplus of silk, then will it to related department for testing.
industrial and commercial execute the law personnel warns a citizen, want to have a business license of regular stores to buy silk by. Mobile stalls selling goods in the event of dispute is hard to handle.
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