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The history of flickering light of the appreciation of the space is large 21 lighters collection lighter has become a fashion

by:Tianwang     2020-07-23

our reporter Zhao Xingwen started to like lighters, from home purchase along with the wine of those lighters, modelling, have a hip flask, shape, the shape of a gourd. Started just show it to my companions to show off the capital, then, contact too much, one day, suddenly found the table full of strange lighters are put in order, in that so playful fun, who would have thought that is one of the lighter which young people rather than a toy? As jin yong's novels in the words 'chan kan-nam that human character, and then a hero also vain. 'In the field of lighters, did not have a Zippo lighters are always is a kind of regret.
year, the first Zippo, years later, the production broke the million mark. In the years, the Zippo lighter on the market for more than one hundred million. (date) (month) (year), the three hundred millionth Zippo factory only. If only lighter in the three hundred million flat enough to put a football field, including shooting area covered. Cm thick layer. Currently in the United States is about thousands of collectors, Zippo lighter and all around the world have tens of millions of Zippo lighters collector. Because many collectors since years, set up special on international 'international day of Zippo, since years, every year the also held a Zippo international exchange will be junk.
what is worth mentioning is a product of memorial Zippo lighters, positive is the five-star red flag in the background of his upper body like, machine on the back engraved with the words 'learning is the basis of the forward' and autograph, at present the latest on the domestic market price has reached the multivariate, is the original factory price more than doubled. In addition, there is honor, Zippo anniversary of the d-day anniversary, anniversaries, millennium OURCENTURY edition and the home anniversary of China's special edition 'home every day' and so on the limit of Zippo lighters are worthy of collection of high-quality goods. At present, the year of the millennium edition Zippo memorial lighters have from the time of the yuan rose to more than yuan, was as high as more than ten years or so to rise space, it is hot 'potential shares'.
just like Coca-Cola world, Zippo world is inseparable with the second world war, Zippo become forces munitions in the early 1940 s, the following American soldiers to the world gradually. Decades of wind and rain, laid the Zippo lighters in the lighter status of fans. According to the collection of the lighter expert analysis, collection and investment value of collection, and generally has the following four conditions: one is the circulation of the cigarette lighter, and circulation can not very big, generally a variety within than is relatively appropriate; The second is the grade of the product should be in the middle and above, this to the quality of the collection and the collection value; 3 it is brand is very important, some of the major collections for producing lighter brand marketing purposes, worthy of collection object; Four is lighter itself to have artistic connotation or commemorative collection properties such as features, to allow for the collection of elements.
in accordance with the thought that counts in the world famous brand lighters, such as the Zippo, Flamidor, givenchy, Cartier, peng, bick, Parker, Colibri, etc. , have a great collection value. Such as found in the middle of the Yu Shiji givenchy is one of the most can
show character and temperament of the brand,
givenchy to conveys a kind of elegant and information, as givenchy grade extending unceasingly, the launch of the lighter has become another elegant concept, collectors.
but look from the collection way, now in the majority with brand collection in the world, as well as the grade of the collection is higher also, as the ultimate in 'peng' is belong to lighter collection, its price is staggering, generally limited edition in the domestic price in RMB, it is not surprising that tens of thousands of yuan, the price of the ordinary is controlled in one thousand yuan. But 'peng' lighter not only has a delicate appearance, material and quality is good, the appreciation potential is also cannot be underestimated. Such as 'peng' since the beginning of the year every year to launch a limited appreciation version of lighters, although the price is not low, but a cigarette lighters in years has risen in recent times, the return on investment is considerable.
today, has become a hobby, I collect lighter does not necessarily require it as a famous brand, limited edition, as long as the strange shape, beautiful, in my opinion, which embodies the author's work, to play with, when put on that at ordinary times, decorate the space, also cultivate interest, why not?
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