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The hulunbuir airport security seized large U disk defibrillator - for the first time Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-20
Recently, the electric batons, the execution of hailar - Ulanhot - Beijing nanyuan flight safety inspection tasks, hulun buir airport security personnel seized a U disk stun guns for the first time. 14 PM on the day, a middle-aged female tourists into clothing box 'U disk' to guide the inspector attention, guides thought is daily common U disk cigarette lighter, but found no resistance wire after checking device, but in the end found similar electrode contact pieces of metal, and immediately inform the boot boot member through the X-ray machine, please confirm. After operating machine inspector composite examination, its point of electric shock in the X-ray machine image display is not obvious, through open bags inspector found that this 'U disk' is appearance similar to ordinary U disk but do not have U disk storage function, electric batons monopoly network, and at the bottom has a built-in electric switch, alongside a small charge U mouth, switch on an electric shock, pressed on the middle upwards, the top will be stretched out the built-in parts and generate the original shock response. Because the defibrillator does not belong to the army, police supplies, passenger repeated explanations: just self-defense equipment carried at ordinary times, did not conceal carry, security personnel then inform passengers the stun guns are not allowed to take any form of plane, pay off people back.
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