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The importance of correct use of high-energy ignition life

by:Tianwang     2020-06-25
The service life of high-energy ignition, in addition to a small number of depends on the quality, most will decide the fate of the high-energy ignition is usually use method is proper, as a professional manufacturer for everybody summarizes the use of high-energy ignition method and matters needing attention. 1, high-energy ignition ignition pole is the most easy to bad, because of the interior is ceramic parts, so can't hard fall, use process without ignition rod for clearing up the ignition end, often because of green energy production of high-energy ignition, the ignition end resistance to coking resistance to carbon deposition has self-purification ability. 2, high energy ignition without connecting cable, ignition, must not electricity, otherwise easy to damage. 3, a portion of the high energy ignition running under high load, to strictly abide by the rules work cycle. 4, high-energy ignition maintenance need to power off after 5 minutes, make sure that all the charge through after the discharge resistor capacitor, before being; 5, when stopped for a long time, to cut off power supply system. In case of quality assurance, the correct method of use is also very important, according to the above note way using high energy ignition, absolute can greatly improve the service life of the high energy ignition.
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