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The installation position of roast filepacker flame-out protection alarm device

by:Tianwang     2020-06-26
Ladle baking filepacker extinguish protection alarm device is according to the petrochemical, metallurgical, chemical, ceramics and other industries, specialized design, the development of a fire detection alarm system. Equipped with flame detector, the product has a simple, reliable, convenient in operation and maintenance etc, suitable for all kinds of fuel gas and fuel burner flame detection and flameout alarm. General of roast filepacker stall detection alarm control box is the flame detector is ultraviolet flame detector, is a kind of non-contact type flame detector, please aim the probe flame when users to install. Probe using the maximum temperature of 80 ℃, the user on the burner or other high temperature equipment use, probe detection channel must be ventilated before cooling. Channel diameter of not less than 18 Φ detection, probe the installation of the thread of M20 x 1. 5. Roast filepacker flameout alarm control box how to install? Green high can answer for you, protect you full of harvest. UV sensor installation method and matters needing attention: roast filepacker sealing cover and jar has a certain distance, to visual the burner breathes fire, flame monitor probe, can be welded behind the roast filepacker stents ( The buyer make) , the probe's environment temperature should not be greater than 80 ℃, temperature higher than 80 ℃ must be equipped with cooling air, the probe from the burner nozzle commonly 2 - 4 meters, aim the probe burner nozzle, to prevent dust into the probe, looking down at the burner nozzle, suggest probe for probe shield at the same time, the connection between the probe and the control box of the monitor cable, suggest using metal tube protector.
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