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The knife tower legendary axe high damage lineup introduction to earth Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-21
Legendary earth axe knife tower today come again! As one of the BOSS of the living dream, people have a lot of difficulty complain! Currently, hero is better, as long as we match good hero squad, with high damage is not possible. The next 7 k7k small make up recommend a few set of axes high damage earth's squad, you might as well take a look at! Earth axe several key points: death prophet is the key, big recruit must in smaller, first big move to death, and so on. Smaller because death that lasted longer than for a long time, can't smaller monthly bleeding. The phantom assassin, see face no smaller can always has a vampire, then I put the phantom assassin is an opening smaller. Spirit electric suction attack with no electricity stick attacks far worse, the biggest difference. Death big move faster, have to wait a long time to open. Then the BOSS be attack, absorbent soul can live longer than a output behind the environment better. The phantom assassin can face no smaller blood, electric batons, death that must to open such as smaller. Mass winner-take-all squad: ancient apparition + mecha raccoon + + death prophet + tinker electricity soul here, small make up take special said the characteristics and style of the squad, principle is very simple, that is using the tinker blindness and electric soul stealing damage, the other little tricks during the release of the raccoon is a cannot be interrupted. And I think the main function of ancient apparition is frost vortex and slay the sacred. Local tyrants squad: black + + magic monkey thorn PA + death prophet + tinker was actually a symbol of the local tyrants rely mainly on the team: is the first, tinker blindness, second, the phantom, the outbreak of the monkey, third, black arrow and monkey ice spear of ice. Black + monkeys + death prophet + magic + white cow double reduction and monkeys, and magic high eruption, electric batons monopoly network, the basic principle of same as above. Civilian squad: mecha raccoon + + monkey death prophet + + tinker clap bear tinker blindness, monkey, little raccoon, clap bears, and death of the prophet's tons. Method + + death prophet + lich + tinker with method of double blinding light blue fat tinker, is undoubtedly gave the team the time to give the BOSS of the biggest output in a timely manner. Specific game 5 basic full energy outbreak of a hero, so that after the first big move to 50 w to harm, then in 8, 9 layer buff to recruit broke out again.
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