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The landlord pull up banners for rent for safety take self-defense - rod Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-19
Worry JiFuBao personal attacks on their own, this several days, xiu-hua tang rod bag containing a self-defense at any time. To back to the village JiFuBao owed her mother 60000 yuan rent, xiu-hua tang and JiFuBao have fell out completely. “ Really not line, can only go legal way. ” Xiu-hua tang said. “ I didn't account for her house, I don't explain. ” The phone, JiFuBao very impatiently say. Landlord: farmers on four years didn't pay the rent more than 20 years ago, to extend their business, in xiong deyou liujia garden village, yan village, xiu-hua tang mother gui-zhi wang 800 loan Wan Yuanjian a mill, covers an area of 8 acres. After more than 10 years, gui-zhi wang knitting business didn't thought of a good, & other; Even the loans are still not clear & throughout; 。 Around 2000, gui-zhi wang was forced to close the mill, will the plant room to rent, & other; Rental return loan. ” In 2006, the village JiFuBao find gui-zhi wang, & other; He wants to use part of the plant open bathhouse. ” The 76 - year - old gui-zhi wang, 'the old man said. After discussing, the two sides signed an agreement, parts of the plant site to JiFuBao at the annual rent of 13000 yuan, the contract period from August 1, 2006 to July 30, 2009. After nearly two years, JiFuBao and gui-zhi wang is harmonious get along, JiFuBao also according to pay the rent. In early 2008, however, the government, build up the officer south avenue, take gui-zhi wang is located in the village of plants, and other My mother and JiFuBao can only be forced to terminate the contract of lease. At that time, JiFuBao agreed, saying he will move as soon as possible. ” “ Plant down 90%, because the road is wide enough, and JiFuBao baths to rely on, finally didn't hurt that he will continue to occupy the building. ” Xiu-hua tang said, & other; But JiFuBao did not continue to pay our rent, until now, has been in the past four years. ” These two years, JiFuBao have sublet baths to the others, & other; Annual rent of 30000 yuan, my mother let its half to her, JiFuBao has always don't agree. ” Farmers: no, don't explain now, factory building has been more than two meters high wall around the circumference, leaving a port can be in and out of the bath. A few days ago, because JiFuBao don't want to pay the rent, xiu-hua tang will plant the import and export is blocked. Yesterday, xiu-hua tang mother and gui-zhi wang pull up banners at the gate of the bathhouse, ask JiFuBao for rent. But the move in addition to attract some attention passers-by, JiFuBao has not appeared. Baths with hundred square meters, because of the blocked, has stopped operating. Due to can not find JiFuBao, journalists can only call him. “ I didn't take up her ( Gui-zhi wang) The workshop. ” JiFuBao said, but for the reason he did not wish to be explained, & other; If she said I kill people, you want to do? ” JiFuBao impatient, hastily hung up the phone. “ Now, I only hope JiFuBao will be four years a total of more than 60000 yuan rent as soon as possible back to me, at the same time, the house back to us. ” Gui-zhi wang mother and daughter, said the next step, if JiFuBao don't pay the rent, they will be solved through legal channels.
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