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The lighter parts price

by:Tianwang     2020-07-17

a: shandong liaocheng ( Chat) Sunshine lighter parts machinery co. , LTD sales lighter parts, developed series of lighters aerator and form a complete set of assembly tools, customize different lighters and related business for our customers. For domestic customers transport agents and foreign customers. 。 。 Patent product, the product quality by insurance company accept insurance. New product. 。 。
a: lighter parts wholesale price is in commonly. Yuan. Between yuan jie lighter parts factory stock prices for every fleece to thousands of sets of MAO wan to every set of hair more than thousands of sets of hair lighter parts wholesale market basic bulk purchase channels is basically on jay lighter inflatable equipment factory specializing in the production. 。 。
a: just wholesale bulk, self-marketing I am also looking for looking for manufacturer to field don't believe that someone will give you back as long as the bag back all is cheater make of contract fraud includes advertising on TV you think a JiaGongHu one day produce only ten thousand a month only a JiaGongHu is more than ten thousand production capacity of him. 。 。
a: you call the local or call your nearest agent under the lighters ads business agent or a manufacturer how walk line will tell you what this is, of course, dial the old do some service! Come here to guangzhou wholesale price cheap and good you dial when. 。 。
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