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The lighter processing to join

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  & Shandong, jiangsu, xinjiang national chain on the west of the basic. 。 。 Prints, key chain, mobile phone accessories, badges, brooches, necklaces, wearing wristbands, handbags, wallets, gloves, clothing, coin purse, poker, tarot CARDS, mouse pads, kettle, water cup, lighters, cigarette case, stationery. 。 。 Introduction of
- Xin diffuse garden brand culture
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anime avenue - company vision - Open house in years ago anime manga avenue to join chain store, become a respected world famous brand. The core value of anime avenue - — Corporate interests above all else. Professional dedication. 。 。 Pillow twisted egg, models, dolls, hand, comics,, picture frames, notebooks, puzzles, stickers, posters, paintings, key chain, tarot CARDS, kettle, dishes, lighter, piggy bank nearly hundreds of kinds of nearly. 。 。 Introduction -
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many kinds of products such as eiderdown, underwear, travel shoes, leather accessories, pen and the lighter rich men and women of the wardrobe, also make montagut become a household name.
Market system agents, monopoly, counters, etc.

Montagut is Paris fashion, with concise romantic design, traditional craft, unique style and popular in the world. Original 'bright silk' series production. 。 。
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AA international joining chain profile AA international cartoon, animation is the animation image design, image agent, cartoon peripheral products production, sales, chain by the sales management for the integration of professional animation derivative system, AA international anime headquartered in shandong province. 。 。 Hands do, comic books, picture album, DVD, picture frames, post CARDS, notebooks, and Taiwan CARDS, stickers, posters, cloth painting, key chain, poker, tarot CARDS, mouse pads, kettle, tableware, lighter, piggy bank about multiple species. 。 。
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as the purport, as business development, with the domestic and foreign many large trading companies and electronic materials suppliers set up a partnership and major cities in the country have joined with digital products agent. We strive to build first-class BC online business platform. 。 。 Socket camera, pickup, gum camera, switch camera, computer camera, universal camera, hook camera, camera hook, lighter camera, MP camera, U disk recorder, stainless steel lighters. 。 。
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