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The main factors of high energy ignition occupy the market

by:Tianwang     2020-06-26
Nowadays, high energy ignition can be seen in many factories, some of this product, don't think is an ignition device, and what's the difference between the traditional ignition device, but in many large factories, its importance is not can replace the traditional ignition equipment, compared with traditional igniter it has three advantages: first, high temperature resistant to ignition firing gun instantaneous high temperature tolerance of 1300 ℃. Second, the spark energy as long as the ignition button, reliable high energy ignition can ignite all kinds of high and low calorific value gas. Thirdly, safe and reliable electronic ignition, which can realize local or remote ignition switch, safe and reliable. High-energy ignition step by step into the oil, chemical industry, aerospace, metallurgy, new energy, a lot of people ask: green high-energy why can do so good today? This, of course, inseparable from the green of the high-energy everyone, especially the design team, their professional level, advancing with The Times of innovation, unique design concept embodied in the green on the high energy of each product, this is the green high-energy ignition into the heart of the important reasons. Means that the direct reaction of ignition and fuel its operation time and security, choose the right quality, choose the right brand is very important. Green high energy ignition safety / / high efficiency, strong ability to resist bad environment, etc. According to the working principle of the protection grade, energy level or is divided into many types, can provide customers ample choice, can also be customized according to customer requirements, changed the limitations of the product itself.
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