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The man threatened to set himself on fire, police fired stun guns lit - it accidentally Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
According to the Associated Press reported on October 25, northern California a man in the body with flammable liquid, holding a cigarette lighter to commit suicide, police used a taser on him, he instantly lit and caused him severe burns. According to local media reports, on October 12, 47, Paul Jason hall to set himself on fire, the police tried to stop him after arrived. Hall's nephew was at the scene, he says, electric batons, after his uncle refused to put down the lighters, the police used a taser stun guns, 'fire immediately straight at the ceiling. Hall was severe burns, burn area of 70%. And the officer of the flame burn themselves. Hall's nephew, said the media do not understand why the police use of force so soon. Hall's father also in the quality of police training and the attitude of the police police. He asks, why know son have combustible, the police, stun guns were also used. The policeman, he thought, should be before the use of force and his son more talks, he said: 'my son is no threat to anyone. 'Hall has a history of mental illness in 2009, was arrested for possession of controlled drugs and assault weapons, in January and has been accused of pull over when a policeman beating.
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