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The memory of box of matches Tobacco online

by:Tianwang     2020-07-20

not long ago, my hometown neighbor a eldest brother to visit relatives, travel via anyang to my house, because we are small and entreated him to stay for a few days. He is two years old, physically active, outgoing character, jovial man. His popularity is good, but the heavy, all day long stemmed Chinese pipe; plastic bag containing the locally produced 'mask' of tobacco, a day at least smoking bag. He suddenly said: 'the second brother, the home have a box of matches? Find me a box. 'This all of a sudden I ask leng, but soon realized, box of matches is not match? I handed him a lighter, he said that not make, not to spoil. I hasten to find out the family's only half a box of matches, he said with a smile: 'this still use to feel well. 'Eldest brother smoking with a box of matches, reminded me many years ago about foreign goods.
the so-called foreign goods, it is compared with the land available. Don't have a few decent factory in China at that time, many foreign goods are dubbed 'foreign' characters, such as machine made piece goods ( Machine weaving) , husky ( The bike) , YangYan ( Cigarettes) , the line, Machine spinning cotton line) And foreign oil ( Kerosene) And the nail ( Mechanism nail) , a box of matches ( The match) , cement ( Cement) And so on.
with steel box of matches. Around my hometown that a few county farmers are mostly absorption cigarette, it was handed down from generations of customs, until today there are many cigarette. Think that year, because of the poor, grandpa smoking is reluctant to spend money to buy a box of matches, cutting in a caesious tender artemisia, dried after rub imaging index finger artemisia rope, with a steel on the flint, knock on Mars, ignite flammable artemisia rope, then fierce blow with the mouth artemisia rope burned with fire, fire smoke, suction bag of cool in a row. S in the century, his descendants buy matches, grandpa won't have to steel. So far, some old old man, also in our daily life from time to time uttered the word box of matches.
and husky. Our country is a kingdom of bicycles, adults, almost everyone has a car. In the years ago, the village and even the entire town we all can't see a bicycle, occasionally to the town to see someone riding stools iron furiously, feel very strange, I get to know it's husky. Think that year, our village had just been liberated, residency for social security, land reform task force will bring us these seven or eight years old and teenage boys together, set up the children's corps, stood guard at the village to check. One day, a young man ride into the village, dressed more than a dozen children set members blocked him, see him riding this and don't feel like, to his article. Your village, the village chief, he said, is my brother-in-law, I've come to our relatives. We say, that not line, must slip to release. He carries out town in the last article, we didn't let him into the village. He rode in the former, we this group of children follow husky, ran to the village head, stretch hand to touch the iron guy can run so fast, a mystery. Until the end of the year, in the village and township cadres to agricultural cooperatives pilot, people keep coming and going by bike, don't see much feel strange. Years, I use the residency township cadres will husky and learning to ride a bike, because I am a high leg is long, learned in two days. Years, our family of five people per person a bike, go out is very convenient.
machine made piece goods and coarse. Modern people buy clothes very exquisite fabrics and style, but in many years ago, our family's clothes are my mother made with home grown cotton spin coarse linen sewing. Childhood, when I put on new clothes, will soon be looking for a playmate. Is the machine made piece goods in the village there was a rich young man wearing, far look very flat, nearly no creases, feel very soft hand touch, I envy. Head high his head and said 'this is a machine made piece goods. My father and mother came back home and asked, 'what is the machine made piece goods? Father said, it is woven cloth, I can't afford it. I say: 'my mom do clothes more strong, I'm not rare. 'After the founding of new China, SMC has set up a shop in the village, machine made piece goods gradually popular. Originally, the so-called machine made piece goods is the machine woven cloth.
eldest brother in anyang few days, we talk about the most is the past, childhood still remember clearly. Said to the change of the rural, now with a wave of his hand, his hand said, 'fine! Two younger brother, who I can think of farm subsidies don't return to eat! The past to the growing season, was tired every day, ShouMai kind of autumn, the harvest autumn crops of wheat at least during the busy months. Is now a machine-cultivated, models, receive, wheat bagging scale on that day, the food dealer to buy into cash immediately on the spot, go home and eat, and watch TV. Complete all kinds of electrical appliances everything in the home, go out by bus, some young people still open car, very proud, as good as your brothers! '
eldest brother want to grandson to go back home, I asked him to sit which train right, he said:' don't go by train speed, less than an hour went home. ”
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