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The Mid-Autumn festival holiday from zhengzhou passenger 30000 lighters into the most fire contraband

by:Tianwang     2020-07-18

big river ( Journalists may increase) On day afternoon, the reporter learned from zhengzhou airport that this year the Mid-Autumn festival small long vacation for three days, zhengzhou airport for flight last class, including more than thirty thousand passenger departure from zhengzhou, increase many than the past. Need to remind passengers, since February 2nd, due to adjust all the domestic flights from zhengzhou airport passenger check-in starts deadline, than ever to get minutes to the airport.
it is known that Mid-Autumn festival small long vacation time for three days, or placing in his luggage the prohibited item passengers, were seized nearly a prohibited item, the date of investigation, most of the prohibited item one, with a flammable and explosive articles. In the seized items, in the majority with lighter, knife and substandard charging treasure came in second and third respectively. As smokers more with lighter, although know can't to the plane, but still take chances, hide lighters to place such as shoes, buckle, but ultimately did not escape 'drawn' security personnel and security equipment.
is special remind the passengers, zhengzhou airport the first civil aviation is: after the Mid-Autumn festival due to adjust all the domestic flights from zhengzhou airport passenger check-in formalities deadline, than ever to get minutes to the airport. Adjust the main reason for this is the zhengzhou airport is strongly influenced by internal and external construction, at the same time as T terminal transitions to do a good job of transition, zhengzhou airport through communication with the on site airlines, is due to (date) (month) (year), adjust all domestic flights departing passengers check-in formalities deadline, check-in close time changed from the original 'minutes before departure time' unified as 'minutes' before departure, for passengers, than in the past for at least another minutes to zhengzhou airport check-in formalities in advance. After adjusting with the check-in starts cut-off time, passengers travel itinerary in advance, check-in, as early as possible so as not to miss the light.
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