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The murder of close elder sister, Russia's young trial want to escape from the ceiling, electric batons by police uniforms - Self-defense equipment net

by:Tianwang     2020-06-23
Overseas network on December 13, Russia a teenage sister for the murder of their own, in a district court trial in Moscow. However, in the process of trial, the boy had to escape from the police, in an attempt to escape through the ceiling of the court, electric batons, but soon was subdued by the police. According to England 'daily mail' reported, 18-year-old greyser, 列昂尼德•格雷瑟) On suspicion of brutal murder of its biological elder sister 21 years old, a local court in Moscow. But greyser at the scene of the trial is not upset, but from a bullet-proof glass climbed out of the police, and then broke the ceiling, going to escape. In greyser down court ceiling, set three police court, one of them with batons to stop, the other two are greyser feet firmly. Finally, the police had to use electric forced greyser down from the ceiling and greyser pants also was off in the struggle. Reported that greyser admitted killing her sister in court, but the meaning of 'no regret'. Greyser also said, 'I and sister relationship is very good. In addition, the police find large quantities of the drug in the scene, doubt after greyser is drug crime. ( Overseas network Zhao Kuan)
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